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Bermuda Activity: Royal Naval Dockyard

So I am a history buff or nerd, what ever you want to call it!  While I love relaxing on the beach, if there is some history to discover, I want to discover it.  I can't imagine passing up history in person! We took one of the cloudy days in Bermuda and headed to the Royal Naval Dockyards.  Tons of history here!  Built in 1814 as a strategic outpost for the British Royal Navy, Royal Naval Dockyard played roles in many historic events, including the War of 1812 and World War II. But after 1945 the role of Dockyard diminished, and eventually the Royal Navy sold the land to Bermuda. Decades passed while the old fort and its buildings sat abandoned. However, that all changed in 1982, when a massive ­redevelopment effort began that restored the Dockyard and its surroundings. The old warehouses and barracks were transformed into workspaces, the clocktower regained its former glory, and The Keep took on a new life as the National Museum of Bermuda. Artists, retailers and restaurateurs so…

Bermuda Activity: The Beach!

When you think of Bermuda, of course you think of the beach.  I have been to beaches all over the world and this was one of my favorites.  It is stunning to look at! The colors of the sand and the water are perfect. But I also really liked the rocks out on the horizon.  I think that is what set it apart for me.  Instead of just looking out onto a flat horizon, it was this gorgeous black rock.  But the rock wasn't on the beach directly, so it didn't interfere with swimming in the water.  Seriously one of the prettiest beaches ever.

This is the private beach for the Fairmont Southampton Hotel.  Even though the hotel was pretty full, there were times when the beach was not.  That means that there were times that it was.  Even during those crowded times, we always got a lounge chair.  It may not have had a little "tent" thing on it, but it was better than sitting in the sand.  Not a fan of sand everywhere! :)
There is a place to rent inflatables or even learn how to scu…

Bermuda Activity: Cookie snorkeling cruise

Snorkeling for me is like traveling into a different world.  I absolutely love it! Thankfully so does my family.  This outing had something else we love...cookies! They actually baked fresh cookies during the trip and served them to us throughout the cruise. You can book this online by clicking here.

During the 3 hour 30 minute trip, you spend 75 minutes snorkeling and the rest of the time sailing to and from the snorkeling location.  Along the way you see the beauty of Bermuda from a different view, out in the water.  I really enjoyed that part as well. During that time they taught us about all the fish we might see, about proper ways to snorkel, how to get off and on the catamaran and served us the cookies and drinks. 
I didn't have an underwater camera, but trust me, the things we saw under the water were amazing! I could have spent a lot more time on that part of the trip.  When you put your ears under the water and tune out the "real" world it is an amazing experience…

Bermuda Activity: Zoo and Aquarium

If you look like a lobster from too much sun or just want a fun family afternoon activity the Bermuda zoo and aquarium is a great thing to do!  Don't try to compare it to a big zoo like St. Louis.  Bermuda is a tiny island and compared to a big zoo there isn't much to see.  But if you take it for what it is, the Bermuda zoo and aquarium, then you will enjoy it.  Our favorite part was the aquarium. Lots of interesting things to watch and see. 

While I was watching the giant lobsters one of them attacked the other.  I tried to get a little video of it, but you know how that goes, they never do it as good once you turn on the camera.  But here is a little clip of them in action.  

After checking out the aquarium we headed out the door to the Bermuda sized zoo.  Here is a facility map if you want to see the layout.  We saw monkeys, seals and lots of colorful birds.

There was an area where you could touch some of the little sea creatures and that was my favorite part.  I was the only …
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