Bermuda Activity: Royal Naval Dockyard

Taking it all in!
So I am a history buff or nerd, what ever you want to call it!  While I love relaxing on the beach, if there is some history to discover, I want to discover it.  I can't imagine passing up history in person! We took one of the cloudy days in Bermuda and headed to the Royal Naval Dockyards.  Tons of history here!  Built in 1814 as a strategic outpost for the British Royal Navy, Royal Naval Dockyard played roles in many historic events, including the War of 1812 and World War II. But after 1945 the role of Dockyard diminished, and eventually the Royal Navy sold the land to Bermuda. Decades passed while the old fort and its buildings sat abandoned. However, that all changed in 1982, when a massive ­redevelopment effort began that restored Dockyard and its surroundings. The old warehouses and barracks were transformed into workspaces, the clocktower regained its former glory, and The Keep took on a new life as the National Museum of Bermuda. Artists, retailers and restaurateurs soon moved in —the rest is history.  We tried to cover every inch of the place.  Here are some of our discoveries in the National Museum of Bermuda.


Bermuda Activity: The Beach!

Doesn't get much better!
When you think of Bermuda, of course you think of the beach.  I have been to beaches all over the world and this was one of my favorites.  It is stunning to look at! The colors of the sand and the water are perfect. But I also really liked the rocks out on the horizon.  I think that is what set it apart for me.  Instead of just looking out onto a flat horizon, it was this gorgeous black rock.  But the rock wasn't on the beach directly, so it didn't interfere with swimming in the water.  Seriously one of the prettiest beaches ever.


Bermuda Activity: Cookie snorkeling cruise

Catamaran with the sails up
Snorkeling for me is like traveling into a different world.  I absolutely love it! Thankfully so does my family.  This outing had something else we love...cookies! They actually baked fresh cookies during the trip and served them to us throughout the cruise. You can book this online by clicking here.


Bermuda Activity: Zoo and Aquarium

Giant lobster
Giant lobster that looked like some prehistoric creature...lots of fun to watch!
If you look like a lobster from too much sun or just want a fun family afternoon activity the Bermuda zoo and aquarium is a great thing to do!  Don't try to compare it to a big zoo like St. Louis.  Bermuda is a tiny island and compared to a big zoo there isn't much to see.  But if you take it for what it is, the Bermuda zoo and aquarium, then you will enjoy it.  Our favorite part was the aquarium. Lots of interesting things to watch and see. 

Bermuda Food: Ocean Club

drink called an oceantini
Ocean club's signature drink...the oceantini!
Cheers from the Ocean Club restaurant in Bermuda! The drink above really represents the restaurant well...fun, colorful and yummy!  The entire restaurant is done in these wonderful shades of blue and white, just like the drink.  If you notice the little bits of white in the bottom of the glass, that is fresh coconut!  It bears repeating, Bermuda is expensive.  My lovely little oceantini cost $16!  After it came to the table I bumped it by accident and a little spilled on the table...I would say it was a $4 spill!  I considered sucking on the tablecloth, but people were watching.  ;)


Bermuda Activity: Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves
Heading down into the cave
A few of the days we were in Bermuda, it rained.  We had planned to spend most of our time at the beach, but the rain made us be a little creative with our time.  On one of those rainy days we headed to Crystal Cave.  We took a taxi from our hotel, which seems to be the fastest and easiest way to get around, but quite expensive! (about $50 from our hotel)


Bermuda Food: The Waterlot Inn

I LOVE to eat! And eating in Bermuda was no exception.  As I mentioned before, it can be really expensive to eat in Bermuda.  I assume there are some less expensive options out there, but we chose to eat at rather nice places known for their great food and service.  Those are the ones I will be discussing, starting with The Waterlot Inn...       

The Waterlot Inn Restaurant

There is a long history associated with the Waterlot.  It was originally an Inn built in 1670.  I've included a video that talks about some of the history.

They serve great steaks and seafood here. I don't think you can go wrong with either.  I had the filet mignon and my husband had some fish.  Same for the kids.  Wish I had some pictures of the entrees, but I was so excited to eat it when it came, that I forgot to take pics! :)  I did get shots of the deserts though. 

Sticky Toffee pudding
Sticky Toffee Pudding $12
Served with a Warm Homemade Toffee Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream
(not as good as it sounds or looks, in my opinion)
Snickers bar dessert
"Snickers Bar" $12
Peanut Nougat, Chocolate Mousse, Salted Caramel

Then we went all out on the third desert!

making bananas foster

Bananas Foster
Tableside FlambĂ© for Two - $16 Per person
Bananas Foster 
Flambéed Bananas with Brown Sugar and Dark Rum Served over Vanilla Ice Cream
And it was AWESOME!

As we left the restaurant, the sun was setting and I took this final shot.
Sunset at The Waterlot Inn Restaurant

It was the perfect ending to one of the best places I have ever eaten!


Bermuda Hotel: Fairmont Southampton

Bermuda pink sand beach

Bermuda is best known for its pink sand, which is beautiful, but after spending a week there, I discovered several other things about this tiny little island.  First of all, it is quite expensive! From lodging, food, shopping and even activities...expect to spend lots of $$$ unless you are hanging out at the beach all day. Second of all, there are several things to do all over the island.  You don't need to just hang out in your hotel the whole time, but if you do, I would recommend our hotel.  We stayed at The Fairmont Southampton hotel.   

Fairmont Southampton Hotel
Fairmont Southampton Hotel pool

Fairmont Southampton Hotel

The hotel offers everything from golf, a pool & hot tub, spa & workout area, several dining options, some shops where I bought some local art, a private beach and even a nightclub.
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