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Chillin' in St. Maarten

As we arrived in St. Maarten and found out our excursion had been cancelled, we sat on the balcony for a moment to decide what we were going to do instead.  This ship below caught my eye and I started noticing that most of the passengers were older.  Turns out it was a cruise around the world that lasted for several months.  Anyone up for that?  Me!

Caribbean Cruise: Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Remember that post on St. Thomas, USVI about how plans can change and you have to make the most of it?  WELL, our excursion for Philipsburg was cancelled as well.  Literally minutes before we were walking out the door, they called and cancelled due to high winds. I was super excited about this excursion too.  We were going to be crewing an America's Cup 12-meter sailboat in a race with other sailboats.  But high winds came in to ruin the day.  Darn it!  But unlike St. Thomas, I didn't have any other ideas for this port.  Basically, we were without plans for the first time in a long time on a trip.  So what did we do?  We followed the crowd of people that just chill in town and off we went, on the water taxi, to Philipsburg.  


Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day!  You know I love to eat, and eating out is something I do a lot of.  Usually I am with my husband and kids, but occasionally I have lunch with my friends.  We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at a local Irish Pub and got the crazy idea to make a Harlem Shake video.  It's pretty bad, but we had fun doing it.  Hope you enjoy the insanity of me and my friends.  While you watch, just imagine all the people in the restaurant staring at us.  We asked everyone there to join in and no one would...wonder why?!  :)

Caribbean Sunsets

As the week comes to an end and everyone gets ready to enjoy their weekend, I am thinking about the end of each day on our cruise.  As the sun would set over the ocean the colors would just capture your gaze.  We were blessed with a balcony and a good bottle of wine at the time, so life was pretty sweet.  

Caribbean Cruise: Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I

This is one of the best reasons for having a room with a balcony!  As you approach each island, you have an amazing private viewing area.

Towels: Not just for drying off

What is it about towels shaped into things that makes us happy?  I know there are you bah humbugs out there who probably toss them right off the bed, but many of you are like me, and seeing a little towel animal waiting for you brings a smile to your face.

Enormous Dessert Buffet...nuff said!

One night on our Caribbean Cruise there was an enormous dessert buffet.  It took up the entire atrium area on all three floors.  Yes, you heard right, a three story dessert buffet!  What I find so interesting, besides the huge amount of desserts, are the sculptures that they have created out of sugar, bread, name it!  They range from beautiful to strange, but all of them are interesting.  Like the busty angel above with big lips.  Who comes up with these things?

Caribbean Cruise: Grand Turk

Grand Turk, part of the Turks & Caicos Islands, was our first stop after boarding the ship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I had never been on a Caribbean Cruise before, only an Alaskan and Mediterranean Cruise.  I am used to stopping at towns where people actually live or historic areas with tons of things to see and do.  I am not used to stopping at a Cruise Center that is built just for tourists.  But you know what, I could get used to it!  Especially if the point of my vacation was relaxation.  Off the ship and onto the beach in a matter of minutes.  Easy peasy!
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