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Cruising for Food

Food makes me happy!  Luckily, not in a "I am only happy when I am eating" sort of way, but in a "let's savor every bite of this amazing creation" kind of way.  I love to try new things and definitely have my old favorites as well.  Food is one of the reasons why I love traveling so much and a big reason why I love cruising.  

Cabribbean Cruise: Holland America Line

As I look outside right now, I see several inches of snow.  So I figured this was a great time to tell you all about our recent Eastern Caribbean cruise on Holland America. Oh how I wish I were back in the Caribbean enjoying the beautiful sunshine.   If you are lucky enough to live with great weather year round, awesome, but if you are like me and have to endure several months of freezing temps and snow, then lets dream together...

RPM Italian: Chicago

Giuliana and Bill Rancic crack me up!  They have a show on the Style Network aptly named Giuliana and Bill.  I think I enjoy it so much because they remind me of me and my husband (minus the tons of $$ and super skinny body)!  As part of the show, I have seen them go through many things including Giuliana's breast cancer, the issues of infertility, moving as many times as we have and on a much lighter note, the opening of their first restaurant in Chicago called RPM Italian.  My husband knew I wanted to eat there at some point, so as a surprise on our twentieth anniversary weekend, he made reservations for what seemed to be the best seat in the place.  We had such a great time together celebrating our special occasion and enjoying food inspired by Mama DePandi!

Louie and the Snow

It has been a while since I mentioned my Shih Tzu puppy, Louie.  He is six months old now and my entire family is in love with him.  It is hard to believe we have only had him for four months.  It seems like he has been a part of our lives for so long now.

It has been a pretty mild winter where we live, but when you are less than a foot tall and super hairy, winter can be tough.  Louie loves it, but the snow does not love him.  I put this video together of Louie's adventures in the snow this winter.  Hope you enjoy!

If you have pets, do they like to go out in the elements (rain, snow, sleet, etc)?
We were told that Shih Tzu's were very prissy, for lack of a better word, and that he might not even go out in the rain to go to the bathroom.  That is so far from the truth with Louie.  He will go outside no matter what!  He LOVES the outdoors.  Walks in the rain, no problem.  Sleet hitting him in the head, who cares.  He may look prissy, but he has an inner tough guy waiting to get ou…

Sixteen at Trump International Hotel

You had me at hello...remember that line from Jerry Maguire?  Well, that quote holds true for the entrance to Sixteen at Trump International Hotel and Tower.  After walking through hundreds of wine bottles and seeing the great view, this restaurant had me at hello.  

Trump International Hotel: Chicago

After all of my twentieth anniversary surprises were revealed, I realized we were having a Bill and Giuliana Rancic kind of weekend.  Which was actually kind of fun, since I really enjoy their show on the Style Network.  Do you remember "The Apprentice" before it was "Celebrity Apprentice"?  Well, the very first season, Bill Rancic was hired by Donald Trump to oversee the building of Trump International Hotel in Chicago.  This is the same hotel where my husband booked a room for our anniversary weekend.  Then for dinner we had reservations at RPM, an Italian restaurant partly owned by Bill and Giuliana Rancic...see where I am going here?  Next thing you know, I'll be babysitting baby Duke!  :)  Anyway, let me tell you about this hotel.
I took this picture of the hotel (right) as we were heading home.  Pretty good shot from a moving car, if I so say so myself. Wasn't the sky the most awesome shade of blue?  

Twenty year anniversary!

I've spent half my life married to my husband!  And if you count the six years of dating before we got married, then it's well over half my life!  It's hard to believe: not that I have been married that long, but that I am that old! ;)  

We have always shared a love of food and travel, so to celebrate our special day, we headed to Chicago for the weekend.  I knew we were going to the city, but I didn't know anything more than that.  I love surprises, so part of my gift was my husband planning the entire weekend and surprising me with it.  He did a great job, as usual.  My first surprise came when we arrived at our hotel...Trump International Hotel and Tower.  More about it in a future post. 
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