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Back in time at Cantigny Park

I have always loved history.  In school it was my favorite subject and on all my travels I want to learn more about it. Reading about history is always a good option, but going to the places where the events occurred - even better.  Unfortunately, most of those places are in ruins or long past looking like what they did in their prime.  That is why reenactments are such a good option for the history buff!  It truly is like going back in time.  What a great tool to teach your children history as well. I recently took my kids to Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL for a Revolutionary War reenactment.
 There was also a camp set up to mimic life during the 1700's.  We had a great time seeing with our own eyes, walking right through and actually interacting with the 1700's.  These people are serious about what they do and stay in character.  In fact, I asked one guy what he did other than this and he seemed very annoyed that I wasn't going along 100% with his character.  I highly recom…

Dinner in the Chicago sky!

We all have special occasions in our life: birthday, anniversary, promotion, graduation, the list goes on and on.  A great place to celebrate is The Signature Room in Chicago, Illinois.  My husband surprised me with dinner here for my birthday recently.  Chicago is a great place to spend the weekend. So many things to do.  But that is another story.  Whether you live in Chicago or are just visiting, I suggest this restaurant for your special occasion.  It is located on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building.

My husband planned the evening out perfectly. He arranged us to leave and get there in time to enjoy the sunset.  He looked up the sunset times and the weather to make sure we would be able to see it! He asked for a window seat so we would be able to see the sunset perfectly from our table. He called ahead to the restaurant for flowers to be put on the table and told them it was my birthday. All this, plus a great view with dinner would have been great, but the food was fantas…

The Greenbrier Resort and Casino

The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia is an icon in America's hotels.  So much history, so many celebrities, so much to see and do....if these walls could talk! In my last post, I talked about much of that, so in this one I want to focus on the newest part of the hotel, the casino.  

I am not a big gambler, but if I were, the Greenbrier casino would be my favorite, by far.  First of all, there is no smoking! Best rule ever! Second of all, there is a dress code. Thirdly, only resort guests allowed (with one exception: see the Greenbrier policy page.) That is my kind of place to hang out and people watch.  I did find one game that caught my eye.  It was a penny slot machine called Gold Fish. I put $20 in and had the most fun time. I ended up hitting the "penny" jackpot and made $50! It was so much fun! After I hit my jackpot, I called it quits and took my winnings to the Twelve Oaks equestrian-themed lounge.  There was a jazz singer belting it out while I sipped my mint ju…

The Greenbrier Resort and Spa

I LOVE the Greenbrier! It has so many of the things I love rolled into one location: history, southern hospitality, beauty, relaxation and yummy food! I mean, how could you not love this place?! Let's start with the history. The Greenbrier is anaward-winningresort located inWhite Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. It is a National Historic landmark, that has hosted distinguished guests from around the world since 1778.  Yes, I said 1778! The story of The Greenbrier begins at the sulphur water spring that remains the center of the resort property. The spring sits below the Springhouse that serves as The Greenbrier's symbol. As I said, since 1778, people have come to "take in the waters" in order to restore their health. In the 19th century, visitors drank and bathed in the sulphur water to cure everything from rheumatism to an upset stomach. Because of the water's draw, the resort was known as White Sulphur Springs.  Some of it's historical highlights include: Du…

Weekend in Las Vegas!

So when most people think of Las Vegas, thoughts that you wouldn't want to tell your kids might come to mind.  While I like the shows, the over the top casinos, dancing & drinking...I like it in a much tamer way than some people! :)   Let's just say that those that know me, wouldn't guess Vegas as my favorite place.  However, I have been to Vegas several times, none the less. On the most recent trip, I discovered Serendipity 3.Wow! Super yummy! Those are Balsalmic Strawberry Cream Waffles that I am about to devour above. Freshly Sliced Strawberries, Macerated in Balsamic Glaze & Cream, Sandwiched between 2 Jumbo Waffles, Topped with Fresh Strawberries & Drizzled in Chocolate.  And I know this is hard to believe and quite ridiculous, but then I had the Frozen Hot Chocolate!  And honey, it was AMAZING!!!  These are the kinds of excess I enjoy in Vegas! 

Mostly I have stayed at the Paris Hotel.  This was the view from the room, over looking the Bellagio Hotel and f…

There's more to Bermuda than Pink Sand

There are a few extra things I didn't get to tell you in my other posts on Bermuda. Ginger Beer...YUMMY! Some places even have diet.  This is what they use in the famous Dark and Stormy drink, which I also really liked! It has rum in it with the Ginger beer, which isn't beer at all, more like a ginger ale. If you are a fruity drink kind of person, I suggest you try the rum swizzle. The colorful houses are awesome. My family all picked their favorites by the end of the trip. They have these white roofs that are pretty, but actually serve a bigger collect rain water for household use.  See the ridge around the bottom.  Very interesting! 

Bermuda has some interesting birds if you are a birdwatcher. I like to look at them, but it is really more my husband's thing. I did get this awesome shot of a Great Kiskadee one day.  He was looking right at me and I couldn't see all his beauty, so I asked him to turn his head for a better picture AND HE DID! The whole family…

Bermuda Food: The Newport Room

The Newport Room is known as the premier dining experience in Bermuda.  Serving French cuisine presented with style and elegance in the setting of what looks like a yacht.  They use silver service, crystal and bone china to make it a special experience for any occasion.  Men are required to wear jackets.  Yes, it is that kind of place!
Some of their achievements include: *First ever AAA Five Diamond-rated restaurant in Bermuda and the Caribbean *2002/05/06/07 Winner of Bermuda People's Choice Awards
*2010 Top 5 World's Best Resort Restaurants - Food & Drink Digital
If you just order from the regular menu, then this restaurant isn't much more expensive than others in Bermuda, but of course, I was tempted by the tasting menu that far exceeded the price of other places.  I mean come on, who doesn't want to try the tasting just sounds fun!  Plus there were six courses in the tasting menu and that sounded fun as well!  In hind sight, I might have just ordered from …
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