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Hard Rock Hotel: Chicago

Chicago has lots of great hotels.  I have been lucky to stay in several of them over the years of visiting the city.  Here is a look at the room I stayed in recently at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Prime 44 West at the Greenbrier

Since I eat out a lot, I love it when restaurants offer something special or different.  So when we sat down at Prime 44 West, I loved the fun and unique way they serve the "bread basket".  Brought in a cast iron skillet is Cathy Justice's (the owner of the Greenbrier's wife) cornbread.  On the back of the ribbon is the recipe, which you can take home.  Even though my Mom's jalapeno cornbread that she makes in a cast iron skillet coated with bacon fat kicks this cornbread's ass, I still liked the presentation. ;)

Oprah's Lifeclass with Dr. Phil

I'm an Oprah fan!  I enjoy many shows on her new network, OWN.  One of my favorites is Lifeclass, where Oprah and an expert of some kind help you with everyday life issues.  I was lucky enough to attend a taping of Lifeclass with Iyanla Vanzant on "Why Women Are Mean to Each Other".  So imagine how happy I was to attend another Lifeclass with Dr. Phil! The topic was his new book, Life Code.  I was able to read the book before class...interesting topic of how to protect yourself from those bad people out there.  You know the ones!  Dr. Phil calls them baiters.

Lunch at Cafe Carleton

Eating is something we do a lot of while at the Greenbrier.  So in comparison to the other meals, our lunch at Cafe Carleton was quite light.  We popped in for a quick bite before enjoying some afternoon shopping.  As usual, I love the decor.

Sleepy Time

This is one of my favorite special touches at the Greenbrier.  Every night they put this sign up as you come off the elevator to your room.  If you have ever been awakened by someone in the hall running or yelling, you will appreciate this reminder.  It is very appropriate for me right now.  You may have noticed I haven't posted this week at all.  I was in a car accident and have been having my own quiet time to recuperate.  I hope to be back to blogging real soon.  Take care.  ❤

Shopping at the Greenbrier

The Greenbrier has an area that I like to call "Shopper's Alley".  I have always enjoyed looking in the shops and sometimes buying a few things.  This trip, however, my daughter came along and I ended up buying more than usual.  If you have a teenage daughter, you understand.  :)

I'll start with the Greenbrier Shoppe and Newsstand.  It is all things Greenbrier: clothes, ornaments, bags, keychains, etc....along with some funny "southern" items.  There is also a tiny little drugstore type area for all those things you might have forgotten at home.
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