Wild West Road Trip: Artist Point (Yellowstone)

After our stop at the Mud Volcano, we headed to Artist Point.  It is unbelieveable the different landscapes you come across in Yellowstone, literally right down the road from the next. If you read my blog, you know I love waterfalls.  I wasn't about to pass this one up.  Have you heard that expression "a picture is worth a thousand words"?  Not much you can say about Artist Point that these pictures don't.

Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park


Wild West Road Trip: Mud Volcano (Yellowstone)

Our first stop after we entered Yellowstone was the Mud Volcano Area.  We walked the entire loop, a whopping 2/3's of a mile. ☺ Be prepared for the stink! 

The actual Mud Volcano is really small.  I was expecting something much larger with the name "volcano".  Anyway, it was quite stinky and muddy.  Not much to write home about.  


Wild West Road Trip: Yellowstone

We finally made it to Yellowstone! We started the Wild West Road Trip with Yellowstone as our ultimate goal, but what a fun journey it has been to get here.  Stopping at the Herbert Hoover Library, the BadlandsMt. Rushmore, Custer State Park and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center (along with several other stops) made it feel like one continuous vacation instead of just driving to get to Yellowstone.  But we were super excited to get there, that's for sure!  By the way, I took this picture from the car as we drove by... I have no idea who those kids are! :)


Wild West Road Trip: Buffalo Bill Historical Center

After we left Custer State Park, South Dakota, we kept driving west till we reached Cody, Wyoming.  And what a drive that was! This is the highway we were driving on! Can you imagine?!

I had read that the Buffalo Bill Historical Center was a great stopping point on the way to Yellowstone.  I would  have to agree with the travel books.  It was FIVE museums in one.  We could have stayed all day and not seen everything.  Definitely a must do if you are traveling through Cody.


Wild West Road Trip: Custer State Park Bison

Have you ever been on the look out for something and when you finally see it, you start snapping pictures, even though it is sooo far away?  Of course you think this might be the best look I get, so I better take advantage of it.  Well, here is my first sighting and picture of a bison at Custer State Park.

Can you even see it?  LOL!  Thank goodness for digital camera's because shortly after this I had the sighting below.  Can you imagine wasting all that film on the above picture.  I love digital!
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