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Honey Collection

My husband recently went on a business trip attended by people from four states: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.  He was given a gift that included a bottle of honey from each state.  I thought this was such a cool idea.  I already collect spoons from every state/country that we visit and I have purchased many souvenirs on my trips, including olive oil in Italy.  But it never occurred to me to buy the same type of food (produced locally) as I travel from state to state.

It would have been fun on our Wild West Road Trip to search for locally made food items in each state and then try them when we got home.  We could reminisce about each place as we enjoy whatever we got.  Wine comes to mind as a great thing to look for.  This would also be a great gift idea for your house sitter, baby sitter or dog walker when you are coming back from a trip.  
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Have you ever collected a food item from each state you visited?  What would be a good …

Nevin's Brewing Company

In case you haven't noticed, I eat out a lot.  So when a new place opens up I am all over it.  I love trying new restaurants.  I love looking at a menu that I have never seen before and trying to decide what I want.  Some restaurants I visit so often, I don't even need a menu.  While that can be nice, it can also get old....know what I mean?  So the newest place we tried was called Nevin's Brewing Company.  I started with a drink (surprise, surprise) called a Blood Orange Paloma.  It had Tequila, blood orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and soda.

Riding Horses in the Ocean

There are things in life that seem really exciting.  Things that don't present themselves on a regular basis.  Things that when I get the opportunity to do, I most likely will, because I might not get the opportunity again.  Horseback riding in the ocean was one of those things.  I had seen pictures that had me dreaming of what a cool experience that would be.  So here goes....

Heaven on Seven

My husband and I used to live in Louisiana.  In fact, that is where our second child was born.  We loved it!  Not only for the fun and crazy people, but for the amazing food.  They do it right down in Cajun country.  Needless to say, there is no place else like it.  So we were thrilled when we discovered the restaurant Heaven on Seven in Chicagoland because it has authentic and fantastic Louisiana cookin!  You've got to love the decor as well.  I feel like I'm at Mardi Gras.  And yes, those are hot sauces on the wall.  That's a lot of hot sauce!

Caribbean Cruise: Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

We've made it to the final stop on our Caribbean Cruise: Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas.  It is a private island only used by certain cruise lines.  And it is BEAUTIFUL!  There are no sights to see, towns to visit, or history to learn about.  You are there to relax, eat and maybe enjoy an activity or two.  We signed up for riding horses in the ocean, which I will tell you all about in my next post.  But before we did that, we explored the area and found our lounge chairs that I reserved with some clamshell sunshades.  Here is a little tour of the island...

Holland America's Orchids

I have an odd relationship with flowers.  I think they are beautiful and I love to look at them, yet I don't have any in my house.  I am not a green thumb kind of girl at all!  I also don't really like my husband to buy me flowers...not sure why. I think it's because I'd rather get a gift that I can keep forever, like jewelry.  I will admit, however,  that I liked him to buy them for me when I worked outside the home, because I liked all the oohs and aahs that I got at work.  ;)

What I ate for Easter Brunch

Easter for me means going to church, Easter egg hunts & baskets, and sharing a fabulous meal with family.  Usually this includes lots of extended family because we make the trip south to be with everyone.  Unfortunately, we just live too far away to do a weekend trip anymore.  This year we decided to try something new and headed to Sullivan's Steakhouse for brunch.  Our waiter said they had never done it before, so it was new for them as well.  Let me just say, for newbies to the brunch world, they did a fabulous job!

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