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Alaskan Cruise: Hubbard Glacier

I am regularly amazed by mother nature and the Hubbard Glacier was no exception!  As the ship approached, we were able to go out to the front of the ship to get a good look.  Normally, this area is not open to the public.  So it was a special treat.  The snow capped mountains were breathtaking and the glacier seemed so small from far away.  But as the ship got closer and closer, you realized just how amazing this bit of nature was! I have seen glaciers from planes, from automobiles and even walked on one, but seeing it from the water was something special!  I will never forget it!

The ship spends a good amount of time here for everyone to get plenty of pictures.  We had someone take our family picture with the glacier in the background and used it for our Christmas card.  I would suggest you take some binoculars on this trip for some really up close viewing.  While we were there, the glacier did do some calving...which is when a big chunk of it falls into the water.  It was awesome! …

Alaskan Cruise: Historic Juneau Gold Mine Tour

I've mentioned that I am a history buff, but you might not know that I am also a former school teacher.  I love to teach (and learn)!  So every opportunity I get to teach my kids something on a trip, I go for it!  That is exactly why we booked this excursion. The current excursion name is Underground Juneau Gold.

We had to wear hard hats as we ventured inside the 360-foot long tunnel carved into the mountainside.  It was a little chilly inside the tunnel, so be sure to wear a jacket.  I would also wear good shoes for walking on rocks.  Inside the tunnel a former miner showed us how they did things back in the day using actual mining equipment.  The mine was in use from 1913 to 1921.  Great history lesson in action!

Our experienced miner tour guide showing us how things were done.  Pretty loud, dark and cold in that tunnel with the equipment going.  Tough job for sure!

When I picture panning for gold, there is a mountain stream with crystal clear water and the perfect rock to stand o…

Alaskan Cruise: Juneau floatplane excursion

Our Holland America Alaskan cruise stopped at several ports of call.  The first one was Juneau, Alaska, which is the capital of the state, in case you forgot that from your 4th grade Social Studies class. Speaking of Social Studies, we were traveling with our young children who I thought would enjoy some activities, so I signed us up for two excursions on this  day.  The first excursion was Juneau icefield & flightseeing by floatplane. It was the most expensive of our excursions (at $174 for adults & $139 for kids), but I really wanted to do it! I was not disappointed! Very cool experience! Keep reading for my secret to a great seat!

You have to walk down a dock to board the plane and my super nice husband let everyone go in front of us, as usual! This usually annoys me because I am not as nice as my husband. :)  But on this day his manners paid off. Everyone else got on the plane first, filled up all the seats in front and left the back seats for us. How is this a good thing, y…
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