Eze, France

As I travel around the world, there are some places that I just fall in love with.  Eze was one of those places.  Until I booked this excursion on our Mediterranean cruise, I had never heard of Eze, France.  It was included on an excursion with Nice, which I was very familiar with.  You hear so much about the French Riviera, of which Nice is a part, but this centuries old town of Eze, not so much.

Eze, France

Map of Eze, France

If I had to pick one word to describe Eze, it would be charming.  It was easy to get lost in all the tiny little walkways, and that was okay.  It is the kind of place I want to get lost in.

Charming little cafe in Eze, France

The "streets" of Eze, France...no cars here

The "streets" of Eze, France...no cars here

I think this little guy below had the right idea.  Just immerse yourself in the historical walls of the medieval town.

Snail in the medieval walls of Eze, France

So many charming doorways in Eze, France

The only thing I don't like about booked cruise excursions is that you are on their time frame.  I wanted to spend so much more time in Eze.  Every one of these doorways called to me.  There will definitely be a future trip here for my husband and I.  What a romantic little getaway!

The "streets" of Eze, France

A little artist shop in Eze, France

Another thing I loved about Eze was that it wasn't touristy.  I had just spent the morning in Monaco, where all the shops were so over done with tourist junk.  The shops in Eze were authentic boutique type shops.

Quaint shops in Eze, France

The view from an outdoor cafe in Eze, France

You can't look at this picture and not want to plop down at one of those tables...can you?

Rock mosaic floor in Eze, France

The history nerd in me was going crazy with all the historical details that were still in place.  The rock mosaic floor above and the water/sewer line in the streets below.

Water/sewer line in medieval Eze, France street

Even knowing that it wouldn't smell very nice, I would LOVE to go back in time and see this town as it was when things like this were actually being used.

The church of Eze, France

The Church of Eze, France

We ended our walk through Eze at it's church.  Every medieval city had one and the town was usually centered around it.  I really liked the light and airy feel of this one.  After a quick look around the church, I ventured outside and came across this open gateway below.

Opening to the cemetery in Eze, France

I took the open invitation and found this medieval cemetery.

Medieval cemetery in Eze, France

Rather than have sad thoughts of those buried here, I thought how wonderful it was that they were able to spend part of their lives in this charming historical town.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

The first stop on our Mediterranean cruise was Monaco.  Unfortunately it was raining when we arrived.  Even with the clouds, we had a fabulous view from the balcony in our room.

Monaco as seen from our ship's balcony

Lots of yachts in Monaco

We made guesses on how much that giant yacht cost.  What's your guess?  The opera house below is part of the famous Monte Carlo casino.  This is another shot I took from the balcony as we waited out the storm.


Dinner #1 in the Vista Dining Room

My family loves to eat!  We couldn't wait to get to the Vista dining room on the first night to pick our favorite table at the back of the ship.  Menus in hand, we were ready to go.

Dinner menu on our Holland America Mediterranean Cruise

We like to try lots of different things, so we order accordingly and share.  If someone doesn't want to share, then we just order two of that thing.  My son thinks this is the most awesome thing.  As a teenage boy, he eats more than all of us.  And being able to order as much as he wants without worry of the price thrills him.


Our Signature Suite on Holland America Cruise Line

Recently I've been sharing our time in Barcelona with these posts.  But did you know our time there was leading up to a Mediterranean Cruise with Holland America?

Our Holland America ship, the Noordam

My daughter and I spent several days pre-cruise in Barcelona, which I highly recommend.  My husband and son flew in on the day of the cruise and met us right on the ship.
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