Nice, France in the French Riviera

The beach in Nice, France

This was my first glimpse of Nice as we came in on an excursion with our cruise line.  The plan was to do a sight seeing drive thru the city and then get off the bus and tour a french flower market on foot.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice, France

As we drove thru the city,  I was surprised to see this Russian Orthodox Cathedral in the middle of Nice.  Turns out, it was built in honor of a Russian Czar's son who died there. 

The French Riviera beach in Nice, France

The bus dropped us off on the boardwalk right next to the pebble beach of the French Riviera.  I was imagining something a little more glamorous.  I try not to have expectations about a place, but sometimes I can't help it.

Thomas Jefferson and a map of Nice, France

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson has ties to France?  He was minister to France from 1785-89.  

Flower market by day...food by night in Nice, France

Turns out we were late for the flower market, so they were already setting up for the evening outdoor dining.  Our tour guide decided to do a walk around the old town for all those interested and we thought that sounded like a good idea.

Fresh seafood in Nice France

The outdoor cafe was lovely with all the fresh seafood and adorable little dogs.

The French love their doggies

This area looked like the perfect place to spend the evening with friends, family, food and French wine.

Yellow church in Nice, France

Exploring Nice, France

Off we went to explore the old town with all of its beautiful buildings and history.

The doors of Nice, France

I have a fascination with old doors and Nice provided several.  This one in the middle with the marker over it has been there since 1623.  The owners initials, religion and the year are all marked in it.  

French bath salts in Nice, France

We passed a few stores with their goodies on display, like these bath salts and colorful soaps.  I could have stood there and smelled them for hours, picking just the right one.  

Beautiful French soap in Nice, France

Couldn't resist this picture of someones laundry hanging out to dry.  When you live in the middle of these old cities, you must be prepared for all the tourists constantly wondering around.  I guess you just get used to it and hang your laundry for everyone to see.

The ladies in France wear underpants :)

We didn't have long in Nice, France.  But it was a "nice" day none the less.  Sorry, couldn't resist.

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Eze, France

As I travel around the world, there are some places that I just fall in love with.  Eze was one of those places.  Until I booked this excursion on our Mediterranean cruise, I had never heard of Eze, France.  It was included on an excursion with Nice, which I was very familiar with.  You hear so much about the French Riviera, of which Nice is a part, but this centuries old town of Eze, not so much.

Eze, France


Monte Carlo, Monaco

The first stop on our Mediterranean cruise was Monaco.  Unfortunately it was raining when we arrived.  Even with the clouds, we had a fabulous view from the balcony in our room.

Monaco as seen from our ship's balcony

Lots of yachts in Monaco

We made guesses on how much that giant yacht cost.  What's your guess?  The opera house below is part of the famous Monte Carlo casino.  This is another shot I took from the balcony as we waited out the storm.


Dinner #1 in the Vista Dining Room

My family loves to eat!  We couldn't wait to get to the Vista dining room on the first night to pick our favorite table at the back of the ship.  Menus in hand, we were ready to go.

Dinner menu on our Holland America Mediterranean Cruise

We like to try lots of different things, so we order accordingly and share.  If someone doesn't want to share, then we just order two of that thing.  My son thinks this is the most awesome thing.  As a teenage boy, he eats more than all of us.  And being able to order as much as he wants without worry of the price thrills him.
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