Doors of Barcelona

Along with my love of the Barcelona Balconies, was my obsession with the doors.  My daughter got so tired of me stopping and taking pictures of doors.  I didn't get too many strange looks though.  I think doors are interesting to more than just me.  Hopefully they are interesting to you as well.

Graffiti door in Barcelona, Spain

There is lots of graffiti in Barcelona.  While part of me doesn't like that someone does this to property, the other part really enjoys the artfulness of it.

Metal door in Barcelona, Spain

Love the design of this door and how they incorporated the knockers into the sunburst.

Graffiti door in Barcelona, Spain

I tagged this door myself with my website.  :)

Metal door in Barcelona, Spain

They even found a little space on the side of this door to tag.

Graffiti door in Barcelona, Spain

Church door within a door in Barcelona, Spain

Love the little door built into the huge door on the cathedral.

Gaudi designed door in Barcelona, Spain

I found this door (or gate) at Park Guell.  It was designed by Antoni Gaudi.

Wooden door in Barcelona, Spain

Metal door with hearts in Barcelona, Spain

I love hearts!  That is what I see when I look at this door...little gold hearts.  I can also see my reflection in it, taking the photo.  Do you notice doors when you are traveling?  Ever take a photo of one?


Barcelona: City of Art

One thing I took notice of on my trip to Barcelona was the art sprinkled around the city.

Barcelona Face by Roy LichtensteinBarcelona Face by Roy Lichtenstein

It ranges from famous artists like the Barcelona Face by Roy Lichtenstein (above) to the relative unknown (at least to me), like the one below.


Park Guell: Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell is yet another unusual Barcelona sight.  It's really amazing to me that one architect can have so much influence over an entire city.  Without Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona would not be the same.


Eating at Cerveceria in Barcelona, Spain

If you go to Barcelona, Spain you are going to walk down las ramblas at some point.  We actually went down it every day for one reason or another.  I kept seeing this one restaurant that looked inviting, so we finally gave it a try.

Cerveceria on las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain

I liked the look of the building and the dark wood inside the restaurant.
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