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All good things must come to an end

I am usually sad on my last day of vacation, because I never want them to end.  Today's post follows my last day at Disney World.  My in-laws had gone home and my kids wanted to sleep in, so I headed off to Epcot all by myself.  To be honest, I was a little sad the kids weren't going with me, but I decided to make the most of it and try things that teenagers aren't usually up for.

Journey into Imagination at Epcot in Disney World

After going to "The Land" and riding on "Living with the Land", I headed over to Journey into Imagination.  (I did sneak in a few Soarin rides)  I had been on "Living with the Land" when I was a little girl because my brother wanted to be a farmer and was so excited about going on that.  I love to learn about anything, so I found it very interesting.  After that, I headed over to Journey into Imagination.  I don't remember ever going on this.  Not something I need to do again for a while.  But I was glad to try it.  Next I headed into the world showcase.

Canada in the world showcase at Epcot (Disney World)

Even though the kids like the world showcase, they don't like to explore as much as I do.  So I spent lots of time in Canada.  It happened to be Canada Day, which was cool.

Canada in the world showcase at Epcot (Disney World)

I am lucky enough to have been to many parts of the real Canada.  It is a gorgeous country!  The Canada part of Epcot is gorgeous as well.  Just look at these gardens below!

Victoria Garden's in Epcot's Canada (Disney World)

Canada in Epcot at Disney World

You see why I was sad to head home?  But like I said, All good things must come to an end.  My addition to that quote let's go find the next good thing to start.  :)

Giant sketchers and heeled crocs...who knew?

After lunch at Beaches and Cream, we headed off on Disney's Magical Express to the airport.  You'd be surprised at the fun things you can find at the Orlando Airport.  Like these giant Sketchers and high heeled Crocs.  I didn't even know they made such things!

Hello Kitty

I also found this giant Hello Kitty.  You can't really tell how giant she is (my bad), but trust me.  Not sure why I love her, but I do.  Actually, I know why...she makes me smile.


And another great find at the Orlando airport was Lush.  I love Lush!  They even put it in special packaging so you can take it on the plane.  So I made the best of my time at the airport.  What is my next fun adventure?  Stay tuned to see!  In the mean time, watch this video of my last day and go subscribe to my YouTube channel just for fun.  :)


  1. The Canada gardens are beautiful, sometimes it's nice to just explore on your own without anyone pulling you in another direction.

  2. We love Soarin! My sister just bought a pair of "dressy" crocs. I didn't know they existed but they are actually nice! Visiting from the blog hop!

  3. I LOVE Living with the Land! We hope to do the walking tour behind the seeds on our next trip :)

    Here's my #DisneyWordlessWednesday post! - Flowers + Gardens at WDW

  4. I love to explore Epcot solo and my favorite time of year to do it is during Flower & Garden Festival. Your pictures of the gardens are beautiful! I can't wait!

  5. I love your photos of the Canada pavilion - beautiful gardens!


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