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Beaches and Cream

Have you ever heard a lot about a restaurant and you can't wait to try it, but when you finally get just isn't as good as you thought it would be?  That's how I felt about Disney's Beaches and Cream Soda Shop.  Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I had heard great things.  Therefore I was expecting great!  My disappointment started with the menu...very basic.  And I don't know what that yucky crusty stuff is on it.  Ew!

Beaches and Cream menu at Disney World

We ordered the angus beef burger with fries and the classic turkey club.

Angus Beef Burger at Beaches and Cream in Disney World

Classic Turkey Club at Beaches and Cream in Disney World

They were both yummy, but at $14 and $11, they weren't any better than Five Guys or McAlister's Deli.  This is one reason why I hate reading reviews.  Sometimes they get my hopes up for something exceptional.  Then when it isn't, I'm disappointed.  Had I not heard anything about this restaurant, I would have just enjoyed it for what it was...a good soda shop.

Inside Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney World

I must admit, that a big part of Beaches and Cream is the ice cream treats, and we didn't have anything from that part of the menu.  This was our last day at Disney and we were full!  Honestly, I felt like I had eaten so much and just couldn't do it anymore.

Dessert menu at Beaches and Cream in Disney World

But I have always wanted to try "the famous kitchen sink" dessert.  It just seems too insane to not try once.  But not when you only have a few people.  It needs a group!  There was a table of five guys that ordered it while we were there.

The kitchen sink dessert at Beaches and Cream

They seemed pretty excited about it!  Here is a close up of what the kitchen sink entails...Basically it is every single topping they have over EIGHT scoops of ice cream!  Like I said, INSANE!

The kitchen sink dessert at Beaches and Cream

I want to make it clear that Beaches and Cream was a yummy burger joint type experience.  And had I not heard or read all the great reviews, I would have enjoyed it for just that.  I would go back there again and maybe even enjoy it more because now I know what to expect.  Next time I'll start with dessert so I don't get to full to try the other half of their menu.  I'm curious if you have ever been there, what did you think?

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  1. I was disappointed with the entire experience. There were no seats when we arrived and I didn't think the hostess was very friendly. Still, we didn't want to miss it so we stood in the line to place a to go order. I didn't think the restaurant appeared very clean (especially behind the counter) and our shake and root beer float were not anything exceptional. I'm heading back to Disney later this year and I'm debating rather to try it again. My daughter still thinks she wants to take a few bites from that Kitchen Sink Sundae.

    1. I think the kitchen sink is more exciting in theory than in actual eating...know what I mean?

  2. That Kitchen Sink is so insane!!!!

  3. I hate reading reviews for that same reason. But I'm glad you want to go back, this time you'll have a baseline to compare. I'd go into sugar shock eating that Kitchen Sink.

    Thanks for linking up this week, Sonja!

  4. As much as I like ice cream I cannot imagine eating that concoction! Reviews are strange beasts. They can really set you up for disappointment. I seldom read them anymore, although I still sometimes post reviews on Trip Advisor, go figure...haha!

    1. You post for those that do enjoy reading them. And lots of people do!


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