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Welcome to Hollywood (Studios, that is)

We spent the entire 6th day of our Disney trip at Hollywood Studios.  Although I did have the park hopper passes, I didn't use them every day of the trip.  Some of our favorite things are at this park, so it was easy to spend the entire day there.

50's Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios

While this may look like your grandmother's living room, it is actually the waiting area of the 50's Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios in Disney World.  Obviously they are going with a 50's theme. Many of these things have graced the walls and halls of my own home growing up.  In fact, I think my Mom might even still have some of them.   To add to the experience, when it is your time to eat, the hostess yells, "SONJA...time for dinner! Mom says head to the table.  And don't forget to wash your hands!"  So fun!

Traveling the World for Christmas Ornaments

Bringing back one of my favorite Holiday traditions in this post I wrote last year.  Enjoy!

I love Christmas traditions!  There are some that most everyone does like stockings, the Christmas Tree and presents.  There are some that less people do like the candlelight service, opening one gift on Christmas Eve, dinner out at a fancy restaurant.  Then there are those unique to a small number of people like getting new pj's every year for the whole family, crazy Christmas card family pictures and my favorite...the ornament exchange.  Every year each member of my family gets a new Christmas tree ornament. I get one for each kid and my husband and my husband gets one for me. There are a few rules to the exchange. First, the ornament has to relate to the past year of the person's life.  For example...this year we got Louie for my daughter's birthday, so getting her a dog ornament would be perfect!  (which I did :0) We have everything from cellphones & saxophones to Harry Potte…

A Day at Epcot

It's fairly obvious that Epcot is my favorite park at Disney World.  I love to spend time in the World Showcase as you've seen in recent posts (Morocco & France).  I also love to eat there (Germany & Japan).  AND I love the rides there (Test Track & Soarin).  Here is a recap of our 5th day at Disney World.  We spent the entire day at Epcot.

Another reason I love Epcot is its beauty.  There are so many relaxing open spaces to walk around.  You don't find that at a lot of amusement parks.

Crazy November

I have been a big blogging failure this past month!  I blame my crazy November schedule.  I find it difficult enough to get a few posts up with my regular schedule, but this past month several things were added in, making it almost impossible for me to post. We had out of town guests two different weeks, we took a trip to Las Vegas and a trip to see family at Thanksgiving.  I just couldn't find the time to write.   I don't know how those daily bloggers do it.  Kudos to them!  Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I will be back to my regular schedule now.  I know December is always busy, but hopefully I can suck it up and get some stuff done.  I'm looking forward to posting the rest of my Disney trip and then I can move on to Las Vegas and the Mediterranean Cruise.  Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) and have had many happy travels recently! :)
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