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Wild West Road Trip: South Dakota Scenes

After our rest stop in Sioux Falls Park, we headed west toward the Badlands.  These are a few of the things we saw along the way. 

One of the things I noticed on our trip was that each state has some interesting landscape that seems to be unique to it.  Some states had several.  What does your state have that makes it special?

Wild West Road Trip: Sioux Falls Park, South Dakota

You know that feeling you get when you spend hours upon hours in a car and you finally see the rest area sign?  Sometimes you want nothing more than to just get out of the car and walk around for a few minutes.  Even though rest areas are nice, we found the best place to stop, get out, walk around and enjoy nature.  Less than two miles off the interstate, we discovered Sioux Falls Park.  Beautiful! Sioux Fall Park is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota...that's easy enough to remember!  You could make this a quick stop or much longer if you like.  Personally, I would have liked to stay longer, but my husband was ready to get back on the road. :)  There were lots of places to walk off the sidewalk and closer to the water.  There were picnic areas that were ideal for any meal of the day.  There was even a cafe with ice cream, drinks and some fast food in case you didn't bring your own.  And of course, there were rest rooms.  Those are essential on a road trip stop. 
As I have …

Wild West Road Trip: Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in Iowa

And we're off! Our first family road trip together.  We have driven all day before to get to family, but never day after day after day for a family vacation because we usually fly to our destination.  We started off our day at the German American Heritage Center, which is located in Davonport, Iowa.  You know I love my history and especially family history.  Most of mine traces back to Germany.  I was pleasantly surprised with this little museum.  There was lots of interesting information on German immigrants.  My favorite thing was the videos of German immigrants (portrayed by actors) and their true stories of what life was like for them as they came to America.  I had to watch them all! We took the German experience all the way and finished with dinner at Bier Stube bar and grill.  I meant to take pictures, but I was so excited to eat when the food came, that I forgot! But it was a great place for German food.  You'll have to trust me on that one.  

Our next stop was in Wes…

Snoqualmie Falls Park, Washington

Anyone remember the popular 90's show Twin Peaks?  If so, you might recognize this...

We made a quick stop here as we headed off to visit some local wineries.Snoqualmie Falls Park is located 30 miles outside Seattle, Washington.  An easy drive on I-90. 

I am a sucker for waterfalls! Never pass up seeing one.  Snoqualmie Falls did not disappoint! The powerful sound of the water crashing down below.  The soft mist wafting up to tickle my face.  Loved it!

Are you a lover of waterfalls like I am?  If so, where in the world is your favorite one?
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Any day can feel like vacation...

Today was another great Saturday in my life.  It started like all my Saturdays do, with a family Bible study.  This is one of my favorite family activities.  Great discussions and learning moments are had by all of us.  Then the day just took off from there.  My husband and I took a long walk in a local park.  We saw lots of pretty birds & cloud formations. Then we grabbed the kids for what we call linner (that's lunch and dinner combined into one big meal) at one of my favorite places to eat.  And we topped it all off with Andy's frozen custard.  As I was sitting outside in the sun eating my chocolate custard with peanut butter cups on top, I told my husband that today felt like being on vacation.  Sometimes you have to make those days happen even in the middle of the chaos.  You can escape right in your own backyard if you want to. :)

Where do you like to escape to for the day? 
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