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Bermuda Activity: The Beach!

Doesn't get much better!
When you think of Bermuda, of course you think of the beach.  I have been to beaches all over the world and this was one of my favorites.  It is stunning to look at! The colors of the sand and the water are perfect. But I also really liked the rocks out on the horizon.  I think that is what set it apart for me.  Instead of just looking out onto a flat horizon, it was this gorgeous black rock.  But the rock wasn't on the beach directly, so it didn't interfere with swimming in the water.  Seriously one of the prettiest beaches ever.

That's the Ocean Club restaurant on the hill

This is the private beach for the Fairmont Southampton Hotel.  Even though the hotel was pretty full, there were times when the beach was not.  That means that there were times that it was.  Even during those crowded times, we always got a lounge chair.  It may not have had a little "tent" thing on it, but it was better than sitting in the sand.  Not a fan of sand everywhere! :)

We rented this for the afternoon
Standing and snorkeling around the rocks
There is a place to rent inflatables or even learn how to scuba dive.  Plus you can swim out to the rocks for some okay snorkeling and just having fun climbing up on the rocks.  We always pack our cheap snorkeling gear that we pick up at Target or Wal-Mart to take on beach trips.  Much cheaper than renting  and cleaner too!

That is my husband jumping off!

Another beach activity that I found crazy, but other's apparently did not (including my husband), is jumping off these rocks.  As you can see, sometimes it is crowded with teenagers and other times a few "older" men want to give it a try.  Obviously you would want to be really careful if you decide to do something like this.  And be aware that you might be told to get down at any time. :)


Duck on it's way to getting drunk! :)

Beach duck

One day there were a few jellyfish that washed ashore, but immediately some guy would come get it and whisk it away.  No one was stung. Also one day there was this duck on the beach, which I found really odd.  I just don't think duck when I think of the beach.  It was funny, waddling around under peoples chairs and scaring them.  It even drank the leftover alcohol from glasses under peoples chairs! :)

Beach renting hut (see the inflatables?)

The scuba diving boat 

Lots of chairs for all the guests
As you can see there are several rows of chairs. I like the front row best for the best views of the water.  But if you want those, you better get there early!  There is a public beach right next to this one.  Completely out of view because of the big rocks that separate them.  But you could always go there if this beach is crowded or you aren't staying at the Fairmont Southampton.  

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  1. Looks gorgeous! I wish I was headed to a beach for Spring Break!

    Thanks for linking up! I hope you continue to do so!

    1. It was a beautiful beach! I will definitely keep linking up. Love seeing what other travel bloggers are doing.

  2. This post definitely got me daydreamin'! Oh how I wish I were looking out at that view than at the snow in my backyard.

    1. Me too! Maybe if we close our eyes long enough, the snow will be gone when we open them! ;)

  3. Beautiful! I don't think I would be brave enough to jump off of the rocks, climb around on them for sure, but not jump. The two "boys" in my family would probably do it though haha.

    1. I used to want to do things like that when I was younger. Old age has mellowed me out! ;)

  4. Very inspiring! Bermuda is now on my bucket list!

    I'm new follower, visiting from Inspire Me Wednesday link up :)


    1. So glad to have you visit! And also glad I could inspire an addition to your bucket list! :)

  5. Nothing is more fun and relaxing than spending a day at the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying time with friends and family. But after awhile, that warm sun and sand can get too hot. beach shade


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