Disney's Beach Club Resort

On my recent trip to Disney World, I stayed at the Beach Club Resort.  The reason I picked this resort was 100% location.  My in-laws were staying at the Yacht Club and I wanted to be as close to them as possible without paying Yacht Club prices.  Lucky for me, the Beach Club and Yacht Club are basically connected (and the Beach Club is about $100 cheaper per night)!  Win!

Mickey Mouse ears out of a towel


Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge

I have tried lots of different ethnic foods: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Indian, Spanish, German...the list goes on and on...but one thing I had never tried is African food.  That is why I was so excited to try the Boma buffet at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney World.  I figured there would be lots of new things to experience.

Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World


Packing for Disney!

Some people hate packing, but I love it!  It is part of my strange love of organizing things.  Louie has taken an interest in my packing as well.  Not sure if he just has a love of being in suitcases or is trying to halt the process so I won't leave him. :)  He was just in from playing in the sprinklers, hence the crazy hair!

My shih tzu puppy in my suitcase


Hugos Frog Bar & Fish House

Funny name, huh?  Obviously, this restaurant sells seafood.  And I love seafood!

Moscow Mule and wine

I also love cocktails! So I decided to have the Moscow Mule from the menu below.

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