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What I ate for Easter Brunch

Easter for me means going to church, Easter egg hunts & baskets, and sharing a fabulous meal with family.  Usually this includes lots of extended family because we make the trip south to be with everyone.  Unfortunately, we just live too far away to do a weekend trip anymore.  This year we decided to try something new and headed to Sullivan's Steakhouse for brunch.  Our waiter said they had never done it before, so it was new for them as well.  Let me just say, for newbies to the brunch world, they did a fabulous job!

Harney & Sons hot tea in peaches and ginger flavor

It is still pretty cold here, so to warm up I ordered some hot tea.  The Harney & Sons tea was delicious! And I love the way their bag has my initials on it.  ;)   While I sipped on my tea, I perused the menu that was special for brunch only.  It was a set price for an appetizer, entree and side.  ($36 + tax)

Sullivan's brunch menu

Both of my kids started with the caesar salad, my husband had the fresh spinach salad and I got the asparagus bisque with crabmeat and chive oil.  Everyone was happy and I was thrilled!  I like asparagus, but I had never had asparagus bisque before, so I was a little worried.  It was delicious!  There was a lot more crabmeat than you can see in the picture.  The chive oil had a tiny little kick to it and was the perfect topper.  I would definitely order it again.  It's not the prettiest thing, but creamy soup is not very photogenic. 

caesar salad

Spinach salad with cheese, tomatoes, onions, bacon and mushrooms

Asparagus bisque with chive oil and crabmeat

Then it was time for the entrees.  I thought several things sounded good and had a hard time deciding.  The funny thing was that everything my family ordered was what I was trying to decide between.  So, lucky me, I got to try it all!  My daughter ordered the filet mignon with horseradish mashed potatoes.  We had a little family debate on the best way to order steak (rare, medium, well).  So I'm curious how you order your steak?  My daughter went with my husband's opinion...which usually happens.  :)

filet mignon and mashed potatoes

My son got the filet hash and eggs (tender filet hash, potatoes and onions, two fried eggs and an english muffin).  My son LOVES potatoes!  So as a side, he got the horseradish mashed potatoes, even though there were potatoes in his hash.  The seasoning in the hash was spot on.  I tried several bites of his before he finally pushed my fork away.  ;)

hash and eggs with an english muffin

Next up, my husband ordered the broiled salmon fillet with a beurre blanc sauce.  He does not like potatoes very much and always gets veggies.  So he went with the brussels sprouts for his side.  I've mentioned in other posts that we like to try everyones food and rank them in order of best to worst.  I put my husband's salmon as the worst of the four.  Don't get me wrong, it was great.  It just wasn't as good as the other things.  However, he thought his was the best and ranked mine as the worst.  So I guess it just depends on your taste. 

Salmon and brussels sprouts

Last but not least, I had the crab cakes benedict (poached eggs, crab cake, asparagus, english muffin and hollandaise sauce).  DELISH!  I've had eggs benedict many times, but never with a crab cake substituted for the canadian bacon.  I love crab cakes, so this was my obvious choice for Easter brunch.  I also had the brussels sprouts as my side.  They were perfectly seasoned and had some bacon thrown in for extra yumminess.  I like when the hollandaise sauce just tops the egg.  Too much of that sauce can just kill an order of eggs benedict (not to mention my stomach).  

crab cake benedict

I know this sounds hilarious after seeing what I just ate, but I am trying to drop a few pounds.  So instead of dessert, I had another cup of Harney & Sons hot tea. (baby steps) This time it was the hot cinnamon spice flavor.  Fantastic!  It was like having a little cinnamon treat at the end of the meal.  So I didn't miss the dessert.  At least not until I got home and saw all the Easter candy I had given the kids.  Darn it!  However, with my new iPhone app (myfitnesspal), I figured up I could have four sweetart jelly beans for 22 calories and I was a happy camper.

Harney & Sons hot cinnamon spice tea

What did you have for Easter?  Any family favorites that you have every year?  And how do you order your steak (if you are a meat eater)?

If we had gone home for Easter we would have had the traditional ham and all the fixins', as they say in the South.  


  1. I love crab cakes also, and Brussels sprouts are about my favorite veg. We did have ham and all the "fixins" but missed you and your family.

    1. I love it when you comment on here! :) Missed you too, sooooo much! And your great cooking!

  2. I loooove drinking tea :) Also, those eggs look soooo good! As for steak, I always order mine medium-well.

    1. I used to drink hot tea all the time and then stopped for some reason. But I am back to drinking it again. There are some great flavors out there.

  3. Ooh wow all looks so yummy! I love my steak medium-well done; I wouldn't mind eating it rare but it puts me off slightly when its so pink its virtually raw.

  4. we had korean food on Easter LOL i was a bit under the weather so we just chilled and ordered in.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! :)


    1. Is Korean food much different then thai or chinese? Not sure I've ever had it. But would love to try!

  5. Oh wow all of that looks amazing! My mom and I order our steak medium to medium rare and my step dad always gets his extra well done.

    1. That's funny! Such different tastes. Extra well done would be way to dry for me.

  6. I had Lebanese food which was phenomenal, however, I'd gladly trade some lamb for that crab cake benedict!

    1. I'm not sure I've ever had Lebanese. I've had Indian, Moroccan and Pakistani...are those similar?


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