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Towels: Not just for drying off

What is it about towels shaped into things that makes us happy?  I know there are you bah humbugs out there who probably toss them right off the bed, but many of you are like me, and seeing a little towel animal waiting for you brings a smile to your face.

Elephant towel animal

I think it is like having a pet that greets you at the door.  It is nice to come "home" to a happy little creature that seems to be waiting patiently for your arrival. :)

Animal made out of a towel

towel monkey hanging from a hanger

These are some of the towel creatures that awaited my return to the room on our Holland America Caribbean Cruise.

Puppy towel animal with gold chocolate coins
 Puppy Towel Animal with gold chocolate coins

Goose Towel Animal
Snail Towel Animal

The towel animals got me thinking about real animals and wondering if there is a cruise line that allowed pets.  Turns out there is one, Cunard, that has a kennel on board, but only for the transatlantic crossing of the Queen Mary 2. Your pet must stay in the kennel the entire time, but you can visit them there.  I guess little Louie will just have to stay home during our next cruise. 

My Shih Tzu puppy named Louie

  The kids have always seemed to enjoy them over the years.

kids with elephant towel animal

What is the best thing you've ever had waiting in a hotel room?

We spent the weekend at the Four Seasons in St. Louis and were welcomed with a bottle of wine and an amazing chocolate creation.  I also like the little notes or quotes that some hotels leave on the pillow.

wine and chocolate


  1. Haha! I went to Costa Rica with my husband for our honeymoon back in October and they left us a new towel animal every time we got our room cleaned. They were pretty impressive if I do say so myself :)

    1. Oh wow, you are a newlywed...congrats! How was Costa Rica? Would love to go there!

  2. The most novel thing I've ever had as a gift in a hotel room was a little packet left on the pillow. I assumed it was a chocolate treat but it was, in fact, a little packet of seeds. The hotel was Barnsley House in the Cotswolds, UK, and was famous for its gardens, designed by Rosemary Verey in the 1950s. I assume they wanted their guests to carry on this tradition at home.

    1. This made me laugh, because you know some person not paying a bit of attention has probably eaten the seeds! I am always amused at what has "not for human consumption" written on it. I love the lush and green. The seeds make perfect sense.

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  4. I love the towel animals on cruises. Disney does it best, but they are all quite good.

    1. I want to go on a Disney cruise so bad!

  5. We love seeing what towel animals they come up with on the cruises. I don't remember which cruise line it was but they even sold a book on towel animals. It's impressive how the stewards are able to do all this and still keep the cabins spotless. One of the best surprises we've had was at the Hilton Tokyo with hotel pajamas laid out, slippers and origami. :)

    1. The stewards really are amazing! And so nice! Sounds like I need to stay at the Hilton Tokyo. :)

  6. Love the towel animals and your children are so cute, too! I love coming back to my cabin and seeing the towel animals, but I hate when you have to really think about what it is. Too much work!

    1. Ha! Some of them are pretty peculiar looking. :)


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