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Enormous Dessert Buffet...nuff said!

Dessert buffet with an angel marzipan sculture and lots of desserts

One night on our Caribbean Cruise there was an enormous dessert buffet.  It took up the entire atrium area on all three floors.  Yes, you heard right, a three story dessert buffet!  What I find so interesting, besides the huge amount of desserts, are the sculptures that they have created out of sugar, bread, name it!  They range from beautiful to strange, but all of them are interesting.  Like the busty angel above with big lips.  Who comes up with these things?

Leaning Tower of Pisa made out of bread
 Marzipan mermaid sculpture

Lobster out of bread surrounded by desserts

Sometimes it is hard to tell what you can actually eat because it looks so detailed and decorated.  Like the two cakes below with their enormous tops.  Luckily there are people there to help serve you the desserts that you can't just grab and go.

Elaborately decorated cake
 Elaborately decorated cake

dessert buffet sculpture of people in a boat with a castle in the background

Turns out, busty big lipped angel, has a twin sister who likes to fish.  She seems to be married to a fellow with varicose veins in his legs. I'm telling you, you don't have to eat to be entertained at the dessert buffet.  Not only are these sculptures entertaining, but so is watching people eat all the desserts.  It is amazing!  Hey, I eat a lot, but nothing compared to what I saw going down on this night.  I was glad there was enough to go around or there might have been a few brawls. :)

dessert buffet server
 glass of alcohol lit on fire

dessert buffet with monkey and hut sculpture

Next time I cruise, I am going to ask in advance when the late night dessert buffet is scheduled.  Every time they have it, I have just eaten dinner and dessert in either the main dining room or the Pinnacle Grill, and I am just not hungry anymore.  I did try two things on this night, just because I couldn't pass all this dessert and not eat anything.  But I didn't get a true idea of how tasty it was.  If you are ever on a cruise, I would suggest you attend things like this even it you don't plan on eating.  I promise you will be entertained.

Have you ever attended a late night or dessert buffet before?

Other than on a cruise, I have encountered some pretty amazing dessert buffets at some hotels through the years.  My favorite one ever was at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Canada.  I was much younger then and could eat much more.  That could be why I liked it so much!


  1. wowza! im in awe! I want to try a dessert buffet like that!

  2. I love Holland America's dessert extravaganza. I've only sailed Holland in Alaska so it's great to see their decorations including the busty ladies in the Caribbean :) They used watermelon fruit carvings on the ones I've sailed on. You're so right about watching the people act like they've never seen food before - too interesting. We sailed Norwegian last year and they had a Chocoholic's Buffet - everything dipped or made with chocolate. I was in foodie heaven :)

    1. Holy Moly, I would have a hard time resisting a chocolate buffet! Especially if it was dark chocolate!

  3. Happy WIAW! Wow, a dessert buffet sure sound like my kind of fun! :-)

    1. Everyone should get to experience it at least once! Happy WIAW to you as well. :)


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