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Cabribbean Cruise: Holland America Line

As I look outside right now, I see several inches of snow.  So I figured this was a great time to tell you all about our recent Eastern Caribbean cruise on Holland America. Oh how I wish I were back in the Caribbean enjoying the beautiful sunshine.   If you are lucky enough to live with great weather year round, awesome, but if you are like me and have to endure several months of freezing temps and snow, then lets dream together...

Holland America Noordam ship

As I said on my Alaskan Cruise post, you should get the best room that you can afford with no worries.    For this trip we decided to get two rooms, so we could all spread out and have some privacy if we wanted or needed it.  Room one was a Superior Suite that slept three and room two was an interior stateroom that also slept three. They were right across the hall from each other.  There were only four of us, so between the two rooms we had plenty of space.  It was great!  Below are the pictures of the Superior Suite.

All three closets in the superior suite on Holland America Noordam
Entrance to Superior Suite on the Holland America Noordam

Superior suite on the Holland America Noordam

Superior Suite on the Holland America Noordam

Superior Suite on the Holland America Noordam

Seperate shower and bathtub with a shower in superior suite
double sink and vanity in superior suite

The Superior Suite was the biggest room we had ever had on a cruise and I loved it!  Plenty of closet space with three closets, double sinks in the bathroom and lots of seating both in the room and on the balcony.  The interior stateroom (below) was pretty much a room with no windows and a bathroom with one sink and a shower.  But it added so much space to put our stuff and for everyone to sleep very comfortably.  Plus it gave us an extra TV at night when the kids wanted to watch different movies.  They were thrilled to have their own spaces. 

Interior Stateroom on Holland America Noordam

Interior stateroom vanity area with TV and mirror

Interior Stateroom Bathroom shower and toilet
Interior stateroom bathroom with sink and mirror

We will definitely stick with this two room thing.  It worked out great.  The kids actually spent more time in the room than me and my husband.  They loved being able to spread out, have some quiet time to read or being able to watch what they wanted on TV.  Plus we had two bathrooms with three showers total.  That made getting ready at the same time SO much easier. 

Family pool on Holland America's Noordam

If the ship was docked, we were off on an adventure, so we didn't spend a lot of time at the pools.  If we did want to be out in the sun while the ship was moving, we tried to find a quieter place.  I will warn you though, while the top deck was nice and quiet, it was really windy.  Just look at my hair below!  :)

The wind was blowing my hair straight up in the air

This cruise left from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and stopped in Grand Turk (Turks & Caicos), Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas), Phillipsburg (St. Maarten) and Half Moon Cay (Bahamas).  Stay tuned for posts on all those stops. 

What's your favorite accommodation on a cruise?  As a family of four, we have stayed in a Verandah Stateroom, an Interior Stateroom (yes, all four of us together) and this room combo above.  You can see why we liked this the best so far.


  1. We have only ever had one cruise and that was round the Mediterranean a few years ago. Having just the one child, we splurged on a suite with balcony and it was fabulous. Now our son is older, I think he really needs his own room when we are away but then it gets costly.

    We love connecting rooms in hotels because then we have privacy but can still be a family - I don't like the idea of him being alone half way down the corridor.

    Looking forward to reading the posts. Oh, and love your new hair do!

    1. So glad you like the hair! LOL Really had to be careful when I was wearing a dress. Those are pics no one would want to see! ;)

  2. We've been on two cruises. The first was a short cruise and we traveled with my mother-in-law and we were all in an oceanview room. It was okay because we weren't in the room much. On our second cruise we booked two interior rooms because it was a longer cruise and we wanted the extra space. I'm glad we had it. They actually gave my husband and I a huge handicap accessible room which I loved. Compared to the kids' tiny room, I felt like royalty. :) Our second cruise was to Alaska and if I had it to do over, we'd have definitely booked a balcony room. The view was so scenic compared to our Caribbean cruise.

    Oh and the hair- Love it! What a fun picture!

    1. I agree with the balcony on the Alaskan much to see. If you ever go on a Mediterranean Cruise get a balcony as well. That was when we had an interior room and I sat by any window I could find on the ship to get better views. I was hoping the hair shot would make people smile. It was so windy!


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