Eating at Cerveceria in Barcelona, Spain

If you go to Barcelona, Spain you are going to walk down las ramblas at some point.  We actually went down it every day for one reason or another.  I kept seeing this one restaurant that looked inviting, so we finally gave it a try.

Cerveceria on las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain

I liked the look of the building and the dark wood inside the restaurant.

Cerveceria on las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain

I love the way all the food is displayed for you to choose from, especially since the menu did not have any english.  I just had the waiter walk with me to the bar and I pointed at what I wanted.

Menu from Cerveceria in Barcelona, Spain

After a very hot summer day, I was happy to get my Coke and sit down a bit while we waited for the food.

Barcelona, Spain coke can

Here is the spread we got.

Our food from Cerveceria in Barcelona, Spain

I tried to be a little healthy with this salad.  I thought the shrimp would be really fresh since Barcelona is right on the coast.  It was not!  The lettuce was a little wilted and the salad just wasn't fresh.  Disappointing!

My salad from Cerveceria in Barcelona, Spain

I had read that calamari was a regular Barcelona dish.  We have it all the time as an appetizer when we eat out here in the states, but I wanted to give Barcelona's a try.

Calamari from Cerveceria in Barcelona, Spain

Shouldn't have!  This was so bad!  Very greasy and had a strange taste.  Not something you want when eating seafood.  Another disappointment!  The final dish was my favorite (which isn't saying much).

Potato wrapped shrimp from Cerveceria in Barcelona, Spain

These shoestring potato wrapped shrimp were the best thing we ordered.  The potato part was crunchy and tasted like a good french fry.  The shrimp were just okay.  The seafood was a big let down here.  Overall, I would not recommend this restaurant.  The old adage, "You can't judge a book by its cover", is very true here.  Cute place, bad food.

Nube gelato in Barcelona, Spain

Needless to say, we needed gelato after that.  There are several places along las ramblas to buy it.  I thought this flavor was funny because my son says nube a lot.  But I can never pass up dark chocolate.

Gelato in Barcelona, Spain

Ahh, the perfect ending to a bad dinner!

Do you research food and restaurants before a trip or just wing it when you get there?


  1. That's too bad, those pictures looked so great! I think I'll have to make shoe string potato wrapped stuff at home, hopefully it won't turn out awful like the restaurant you ate at did!

  2. That shoestring potato looks delicious, too bad the shrimp weren't all that! I *love* the design on the coke can - that is so cool!

    1. I loved that too! Wish we had cool designs on our soda cans here in the states.


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