Trobador Restaurant in Barcelona

What's the first thing I did when I arrived in Barcelona?  EAT!  With all the travel and time changes, I was super hungry.

Trobador Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain

We grabbed a spot at an outdoor cafe near our hotel and dug in.

Trobador menu in Barcelona, Spain
 menu at Trobador Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain

There was a lot to this menu, mostly in Spanish...thank goodness for the english translation, but everything I ordered came from these two pages.

Coke Zero at Trobador Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain

Have a Coke and a smile!  I sipped wisely since there aren't free refills like in the USA.

Calamari from Trobador Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain

We started with some Calamari.  It was served Andalusian Style.  I know this is a region of Spain, but I'm not sure how it effected the calamari.  They tasted just like calamari back home in Illinois.  Yum!

Fried egg on french fries from Trobador in Barcelona, Spain

This next dish was my favorite and I will be taking the idea home with me...Fried Eggs over French Fries.  The yolks were runny and you could dip the fry in it.  So delicious!

Bread with tomato at Trobador in Barcelona, Spain

This next dish was comparable to the "bread basket" here in the USA, except it wasn't free.  It was coca bread with tomato spread over it.  There was olive oil on the table that I drizzled over the top.  Very tasty!

Gazpacho from Trobador in Barcelona, Spain

Lastly, I ordered the Gazpacho.  It was called Gaspatxo Andalus amb els seu Bocinets or Gazpacho Anduluz con sus Tropezones.  In English, this translated to Gazpacho Andaluz with trips.  I have no idea what these "trips" were.  It was served with croutons and peppers...could these be trips?  Never the less, it was just what I wanted.  A yummy bowl of cold soup.  Perfect!

Barcelona, Spain

Trobador was a great spot for an outdoor meal.  I was very happy with the random choice.  Sometimes when you travel, you don't get so lucky.  My belly was full and I was ready to start exploring Barcelona.  


  1. Yummy looking eats!! I've got to try that fried egg over french fries. Holy yum.

  2. I also like the concept of the fried egg over french fries. It's both novel and familiar at the same time. I remember really liking the food in Barcelona, but it's literally been decades since I visited. I can't wait to hear more about your trip. I hope you see some Gaudi and Parc Guell.

    1. Loved Parc Guell! I will have that coming up and lots more. Thanks for visiting. :)


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