Shots of Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas gift shop in the airport

Welcome to Vegas!  I actually took this picture on our last day when we spent a ridiculous amount of time at the airport.  More about that at the end...


Serendipity 3

Do you recognize this photo?  If not, you obviously aren't following me on Facebook, Pinterest or Google +, so you better go do that ASAP! :)

The {Happy} Travel Bug eating waffles at Serendipity 3

This was taken on my last trip to Las Vegas.  I enjoyed Serendipity so much, that I made my husband go back with me on this recent trip.


Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill

Mesa Grill sign in Caesar's Palace < Las Vegas

Bobby Flay is a well know Chef from the Food Network.  I watch him on show "Worst Cook in America".  I love his sarcastic personality and the way he interacts with the contestants.  So I was excited to try Mesa Grill located in my hotel, Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.


Did Caesar Live Here?

Saying from the Hangover movie

I couldn't help but think of this when we arrived at our hotel in Las Vegas.  We were staying at Caesar's Palace after all...it makes sense that he would live there.  :)
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