Flying to Las Vegas

Strange as it may seem, I am a nervous flyer.  I know that doesn't really fit with being a travel blogger.  But ever since I became a Mom, I have been more nervous about my safety.  Anyway, if I can snag a window seat it helps take my mind off of my nervousness.  Was this ever a great flight for that!  What amazing views from my window!

Watching the sun set from my airplane window seat...beautiful!  happytravelbug.com

I have always been fascinated by the way things look from an airplane window.  I would make a great bird!  :)


Giant Hamburgers & Giant Antiques

You might remember that I have family in Arkansas.  Considering that it has snowed eight inches today where I live and it is 70 degrees in Arkansas right now, I'm feeling rather homesick.  So I thought it would be fun to write about a previous Arkansas trip.

Cotham's Mercantile as listed in Hamburger America

Last August I spent a long weekend visiting my Mom.  My brother was also visiting and suggested we partake in some Arkansas classics.  Cotham's Mercantile is famous


Oprah and me!

Me at Harpo Studios in Chicago

Guess where I am?  Harpo Studios in Chicago!  Not the normal entrance for people going to see a show, but the special entrance for people who work there or guests coming for a special reason.  I was the latter.  Recently I was contacted by OWN for a special project.  I happened to be heading to Harpo Studios for a Lifeclass on Colorism, so I went early and was interviewed about my interest in OWN.
I was escorted into the studio where the Oprah Show was filmed


A TRU Experience

I surprised my husband with dinner at TRU for his birthday this year.  It was quite the amazing experience!  Can't wait to share it with you.  

Menu from TRU restaurant in Chicago

As you  can see above, it is an eleven course menu with an option of getting only seven courses. Those are the ones with the little leaf next to them.  We decided to go all out and get eleven courses.  The first two courses are actually three things served at once, so it is really like having 15 courses.  They also offer a wine pairing with both options.  While that sounded fun, I knew I couldn't drink that much and still taste the food by the end of the night. :)   So we ordered a bottle of wine from their extensive selection.  It was just the right amount and tasted delicious!
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