Meet the Hoyt's!

If you've been following along, you know I was meeting my in-laws and nieces at Disney World.  They actually arrived two days after we got there.  My post title is a nod to the "Meet the Fockers" movie.  Remember that?  My in-laws are nothing like the Fockers, but I thought it was funny!

Entrance to Magic Kingdom, Disney World


Rose & Crown at Epcot

I remember the first time I went to Epcot as a child.  I thought the world showcase was the coolest thing ever.  I felt like I was really visiting those countries as I walked and ate my way through them.  Even though I have actually been to many of the countries in person now, I still love the world showcase!  I plan as many dinners there as I can when I travel to Disney World.

England at Epcots World Showcase


Disney Icons

When you think of Disney characters, I'm sure Mickey Mouse comes to mind.  He was and always will be the "the original".  I guess that is why Walt Disney is holding his hand in this very prominent sculpture at Disney World.

Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse and Cinderella's castle

I've seen this so many times as I traipse through the Magic Kingdom, but I never noticed what surrounded it.  Once again, my new blogger/photographer eyes were on the hunt! ;)   And this is what I found!


Downtown Disney

After we had our Universal Orlando experience, we headed back to Disney World for an evening at Downtown Disney.  In my Disney package that I got for booking directly with Disney Travel, there were some free passes to Disney Quest.  (I show several of the other perks for booking with Disney in this video.)  ANYWAY, I snapped this shot from the taxi that we took from Universal.

Entrance to Walt Disney World in Orlando


A Day at Universal Studios Orlando

My kids love Harry Potter!  Especially my son, who has read the entire book series 3 times, seen all the movies numerous times, and told me he wished there really was magic since he was little.  SO, needless to say, we wanted to go to Harry Potter World.

Hogwarts at Harry Potter World

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