Alaskan Cruise: Holland America Line

The Oosterdam
I have always heard people love or hate cruising.  Well, this was my first cruise, and I LOVED it! I am one of those people that REALLY plans a trip.  I mean every detail, down to the minute.  Being on a ship forced me to take a break from all the exploring, unless you count exploring the ship, and just relax.  There are a few days when you have no other option.  You are on a boat in the water with no way to get off (except jumping, but don't be silly) so you just hang by the pool, see a movie, look at art or my favorite, eat! I took every advantage I could of the all you can eat food that is offered up, what seems like 24/7, and I paid the price for it.  I gained 7 pounds in 7 days! YIKES!
The dessert buffet on Holland America Alaskan Cruise
One of the many ways I put on my 7 pounds! This was a midnight desert buffet! Just what you need in the middle of the night, tons of endless calories! ;)


Disney Food at Epcot!

I LOVE Disney World! I also LOVE to eat! So needless to say, eating in Disney World is on my list of super awesome things to do.  In the 10 or so times I have been to Disney, I have eaten at several of their restaurants.  Many of my favorite are at Epcot, so that is what I will be focusing on today.  Several of them won't be mentioned in this post. So if you have any questions about places, feel free to ask me in the comments.  It is very possible I have been there and am happy to share my thoughts with you.

Belly dancer at Restaurant Marrakesh
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