Bermuda Activity: Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves
Heading down into the cave
A few of the days we were in Bermuda, it rained.  We had planned to spend most of our time at the beach, but the rain made us be a little creative with our time.  On one of those rainy days we headed to Crystal Cave.  We took a taxi from our hotel, which seems to be the fastest and easiest way to get around, but quite expensive! (about $50 from our hotel)

Crystal Caves
And back up again!
The cave is not very large which makes the tour not very long.  If you have ever been to a cave before you might be disappointed in the amount of money versus what you get on this cave tour. For our family of four it was $80. If you have never been to a cave then I think this is a better rainy day activity for you.  My teenagers had never been and they really enjoyed it.  There are some neat things to see and great formations.  Plus, the majority of your tour you are on a floating bridge that sits on this perfectly clear water.  You might say it is crystal clear...☺

Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves

For more information on the caves, visit their website 
 or watch this video


  1. We were in Bermuda a few years ago and got to visit Crystal caves too. My kids were toddlers at that time but still enjoyed the visit (a bit harder to go down the stairs though). Glad to hear your teens enjoyed the caves too. This was one of the more memorable caves with that beautiful water below.

    1. I agree that the water was a special part of the cave, but it did seem so little compared to other caves we had been in. Since my kids had never been in a cave, they thought it was totally cool! :)


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