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Our Signature Suite on Holland America Cruise Line

Recently I've been sharing our time in Barcelona with these posts.  But did you know our time there was leading up to a Mediterranean Cruise with Holland America?

Our Holland America ship, the Noordam

My daughter and I spent several days pre-cruise in Barcelona, which I highly recommend.  My husband and son flew in on the day of the cruise and met us right on the ship.

The Noordam cruise ship with Holland America

We were staying in a Signature Suite and I thought I would show you around.

Signature Suite on a Holland America Cruise

Our queen size bed had night stands on both sides with ample storage.

Signature Suite on a Holland America Cruise

There was a sofa that slept one person, along with two chairs and a coffee table.  I could have done without one of the chairs.  We kept having to move it to get out on the balcony.  Since the Signature Suite only sleeps three, we had an inside cabin across the hall for our kids.  This room was just for me and the hubby.  :)

Signature Suite on a Holland America Cruise

I loved all the light that streamed in from the windows and door.  The desk and TV area overlooked the balcony.

Signature Suite on a Holland America Cruise

Here is a better view of that area.  There was a DVD player and you could order DVD's from a "menu" and have them delivered to your room.

Signature Suite on a Holland America Cruise

I love when rooms come with a separate vanity. And the make-up mirror is the icing on the cake.  So much better than trying to do your make-up in the bathroom.  Am I right?!

Breakfast on the balcony of our Signature Suite on a Holland America Cruise

Every morning we ordered breakfast to be delivered to our balcony.  What an amazing way to start the day!  All included, by the way.  Our balcony consisted of a table with two chairs and two lounge chairs with ottomans.  We spent a lot of time out here.  If you can spring for a room with a balcony DO IT!

Signature Suite on a Holland America Cruise

The entrance to our room was rather large with the bathroom and full length mirror on one side and several closets on the other. You could also drape this area off for some changing privacy if needed.

Bathroom in a Signature Suite on a Holland America Cruise

Our bathroom consisted of a jacuzzi bathtub with a handheld shower nozzle and there was also a separate shower right next to it.  Lots of options.

Bathroom in the Signature Suite on Holland America Cruise

I love this part of the bathroom.  Two sinks, two medicine cabinets and lots of storage.  Fabulous!

Our Signature Suite on Holland America Cruise

At night, our very helpful stewards would turn down our bed and put a cute little towel animal on it.

Our towel animals on our Holland America Cruise

I've made a short video of the room as well.  Check it out and subscribe to my YouTube channel. :)

The Noordam ship on Holland America Cruises

It was a fabulous cruise that had stops in Spain, France, Monaco and Italy.  Stay tuned for many more posts on all that PLUS all the food we ate along the way.

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  1. Hi Sonja,

    It's official . . . I'm jealous! Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Much larger than what I was expecting. Breakfast on the balcony sounds like a lovely way to enjoy the food and so relaxing, too.


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