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Catalunya Plaza in Barcelona, Spain

Remember the amazing view of Catalunya Plaza we had from our hotel room?

View of Catalunya Plaza from our hotel room (Olivia Plaza Hotel) in Barcelona, Spain

Well, let me take you down to the Plaza itself.

Catalunya Plaza in Barcelona, Spain

It was always bustling with lots of people and birds.

Little girl playing in Catalunya Plaza in Barcelona, Spain

This cutie was having a marvelous time playing and I couldn't resist snapping a photo.  Pigeons can be icky (for lack of a more scientific term) so be careful with your kids playing with them though.

Fountain and flowers in Catalunya Plaza, Barcelona, Spain

There are certain things that make a good plaza...fountains (check), flowers (check)

Statue in Catalunya Plaza, Barcelona, Spain

random statues of famous locals (check)

Catalunya restaurant menu in Barcelona, Spain

and food, of course!  (check, check)

Menu of Catalunya Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain

We ate dinner one night at Restaurant Catalunya.  We had been sightseeing all day and were so happy to sit down, rest our feet and eat some yummy food.  When I looked at the time, I noticed it was 8:30 PM and I felt like a true local.  The Spanish eat SO late.  At least that is late to me.  I have usually eaten by 6:00 PM.

Salad from Restaurant Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain

I started with an arugula salad with mozzarella balls, tomato, corn, cucumbers, olives and a pesto dressing.  It was perfect!  I love the spicy arugula with the fresh pesto...great combo!

Pasta at Restaurant Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain

My daughter ordered the spaghetti and neither one of us liked the taste.  I honestly don't know why it wasn't good, but it just didn't taste right.

My paella from Restaurant Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain

My paella, on the other hand, was quite delicious.  I ordered the seafood one, which included muscles, clams and shrimp.  What I liked best though, was the rice with the sauce on it.  About this time, our waiter came over and told me to tie up my bags that I had on a chair.  He was keeping an eye on things and noticed some sketchy people walking around.  So two things: the waitstaff at this restaurant was great (good service and friendly) and the area could be a little sketchy at night.  So be careful.

Bikes on the Catalunya Plaza in Barcelona, Spain

Catalunya Plaza is a transportation mecca.  Chances are you will be here at some point during your trip.  This is where you catch the tour busses, city busses or rent a bike.  The locals have their own motor bikes...TONS of them!

Catalunya Plaza in Barcelona, Spain

Because of its central location and transportation  needs, there are always lots of people just hanging around.  These folks are hanging by some more of those plaza must haves: water, statues and birds.

Catalunya Plaza in Barcelona, Spain

I love these types of areas in Europe.  Plazas, piazzas, courtyards, squares, cloisters...I love them all!

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  1. I LOVE PALLELLA! And that salad looks amazing... especially because sometimes it's hard to find good salads outside the US/Canada!

  2. Gorgeous! One of my coworkers is going to Spain this month and I am so jealous!

  3. Wonderful images from your trip! The plaza is great, I would like to people watch their.. The food looks yummy, sorry about the pasta.. It is great to have good waiters and waitresses..Thanks for sharing your visit, have a happy week!

  4. Oh you have made me long for arugula again...can't wait to grow some.

  5. I enjoyed the walk around the plaza, a bustling place with interesting sights and yummy food.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  6. A very interesting area to explore. Thanks for taking us with you. I love paella, and haven't had a good one for ages. This one looks yummy.


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