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Noodle Number Nine

I love the name of this restaurant that I found in Caesar's Palace... Beijing Noodle Number Nine.  Cute!

Beijing Noodle Number Nine

The other thing I loved about it was the decor.  That is what drew me to it in the first place.

Entrance to Beijing Noodle #9 in Caesar's Palace

The entrance is surrounded by huge fish tanks with only goldfish in them.  And the ceiling makes you feel like you are in the fish tank as well.  So cool!

My table at Beijing Noodle #9 in Caesar's Palace

This was the view from my seat.  I love the color details, especially the water glass.  It looks like there might be goldfish in it.  :)

The Nuts served at Beijing Noodle #9 in Caesar's Palace

I love nuts!  I eat them every day for breakfast.  I don't know what was on these but they were so tasty. I could have eaten a lot more of them.  I was amused at the tiny serving they had on the table.

Decor inside Beijing Noodle #9 in Caesar's Palace

Another shot of the decor, this time from my table.  My husband didn't find the interior nearly as cool as I did.  What do you think?

Singapore noodles with shrimp and pork at Beijing Noodle #9 in Caesar's Palace

Unfortunately, I didn't like the food as much as I liked the decor of the place.  I ordered the Singapore Noodles with shrimp and pork.  The shrimp and pork were good and I picked them all out, but there was something on the noodles that literally made my mouth numb.  It was very strange and I didn't like the feel or the taste.  I would go back and try something different because I saw all the food around me and it looked great.  I hate it when I feel like I ordered the wrong thing!

One last picture of me and the goldfish.  There was an amusing sign on all of the tanks that said, "Fish are not for human consumption".  I guess in Las Vegas you have to have signs like that.  ;)


  1. I'm betting you ate Sichuan peppers or ma la (literally, numb-hot) sauce or seasoning. It's supposed to create a numbing effect, but it's definitely an acquired taste! I'm Chinese and I can't say I'm personally a fan, yet :)

    1. Interesting...seems like I remember that in the description. Now I know!

  2. Oh I love that place! Like Silver Cat says Singapore noodles sometimes have numbing spicy peppers on them. I personally love Sichuan peppers but don't blame you for not being a fan. Next time I recommend getting one of their soup noodle dishes. I think the bf got beef noodle soup which was delicious and not spicy :)

    1. Yes, the soup noodles looked so good. I will try that next time for sure.

  3. I like the decor but I think others might consider it overly busy. A cat would either love it or be completely frustrated. I just found out my parents are headed to Las Vegas for 11 days, lucky them. When you mentioned the numbing sensation, I thought maybe it was MSG since it always makes my mouth feel funny. I didn't know about Sichuan peppers that the other people are referring to.

    1. Me either! I love to learn new things from my readers!


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