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Disney Shopping

Something strange happens to me at Disney World.  I get all Disney crazy and want to buy things that, if I saw at the mall, would not make my radar.  Why is that?  There are some things that I truly want and will use and enjoy, but there are some that are just ridiculous.  For example....

Cinderella castle made out of crystals is $37,500

This $37,500 castle made out of crystals.  WHAT?!  Now something a little more my speed are these figurines.

Mickey Mouse figurines

This is one of those things that I think is really cute, but would regret buying after the Disney buzz wore off.  Then there are the TONS of clothing items for sale at Disney.

Disney shirt and shoes

Everyone around you is wearing stuff like this, so it seems perfectly normal.  In fact, I was wearing my Disney stuff.  But I don't wear this as often once I get home.  Yet there I am, thinking it is adorable with the little bow on the flip-flops.  I have a problem!

Paris bag from Epcot in Disney World

I love this little bag.  I found it in France at Epcot.  Epcot is a whole other ballgame when it comes to shopping.  It's like traveling to all these different places and the goods are right there.  Heaven!

Disney handbags, wallets and organizers

Need a phone case, a wallet or a Mickey and Minnie purse?  They have it all.

I do like mugs.  I mean I drink coffee or tea every day, so I put them to good use.  I wasn't very tempted by this one, but it is my daughter's favorite ride.  That's how you get sucked into more stuff.  We already had a Tower of Terror shirt from a previous trip, so we passed on the mug.

Disney watch and earrings
Along with many other weaknesses, is my weakness for watches.  I had decided I was going to buy one for myself this trip.  More to come on that later.  There is also a lot of cute jewelry.  These earrings are from France in Epcot.  I really like crowns and fleur de lis, so I thought these were super cute.  But even though I was tempted by a lot of things, this is all I got. (below)

All the things I bought while at Disney World

I forgot to include the one thing I got at Universal Studios when we went to see the Harry Potter stuff.

Harry Potter mug: The Marauder's Map

I use a mug everyday, so I was excited for this.  I especially like the quote on it.  Wish the map actually worked, but we can't have everything.  ;)   Now back to the Disney stuff.

Disney mugs: Grumpy and Alice in Wonderland

I got myself a Grumpy mug because I love him and let's face it, I'm kind of grumpy in the morning before my coffee.  And my daughter really wanted this Alice in Wonderland mug, so I obliged.

The Disney collector pins I bought on my most recent trip

I collect Disney pins and wear them on this lanyard whenever I go to Disney.  I'm thinking I should get a hat to put them all on and look like a true Disney fanatic next time.  :)   Anyway, I decided to get a pin for every Disney Resort I have ever stayed in.  Then I couldn't resist the grumpy one, as well as, the adorable Micky and Minnie with balloons.  Toy Story Mania is a family favorite, so I added that to my collection.  And I always get a pin with the year of our trip on it.  And remember how I said I was going to get a watch this trip.  WELL, my lovely in-laws (who I traveling with) gave me one as a gift during our trip.

Mickey Mouse Silver watch from Disney World

How awesome is that?!  It was a thank you gift for planning the trip.  Super sweet and very appreciated!

So that's it for my Disney World haul.  There were so many other things I wanted to get, but I held back.  I have to save something for the next time I'm at Disney.  :)

What is your favorite Disney Purchase?

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