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Morocco at Epcot

I'm still exploring the world showcase at Epcot and today I'm in Morocco!

Morocco at Epcot

I have never been to the real Morocco, but I would love to!  I like to pretend I am really there while I am walking around.  Believe it or not, it is rather easy for me to do that.

Moroccan market at Epcot

I pay attention to all the details that make each country unique.  Morocco has a lot of those.  I especially enjoy the mosaic tiles.  So colorful!

Moroccan fountain at Epcot

The buildings themselves offer a lot of interesting detail as well.

Morocco in Epcot

While I don't usually buy a lot, I do like to look at the products they sell in each country.  Again, I like to immerse myself in the experience and that is part of the fun.  Like when my kids got into the Moroccan spirit on a past trip to Disney.

Another feature I enjoyed was the arched doorways. I'm always taking pictures of unique doorways, no matter where I am.  Not sure why I find them so interesting...anyone else do that?

Moroccan buildings in Epcot

Moroccan doorways at Epcot

This doorway turned up a relaxing room with a fountain and some seating.

Morocco at Epcot (Disney World)

I took a little video so you could get a better feel of the place.

While I didn't eat at the Moroccan restaurant, Marrakesh, on this trip, I have eaten there twice before.

Restaurant Marrakesh in Epcot

It is a fun experience with belly dancers and musicians entertaining you while you dine.

Restaurant Marrakesh inside with entertainment of belly dancers

I enjoyed a Sahara Splash cocktail while I ate couscous with lamb and chicken.  There I go, trying lamb again.  Still don't like it that much.  What I did like, a lot, was the Bastilla that I ordered for dessert.  It is thin layers of pastry with vanilla cream and almonds.  YUM!

Dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh in Epcot's Morocco

Overall, the food was good and the atmosphere quite enjoyable.   Even if you don't eat at Restaurant Marrakesh, you should explore Morocco at Epcot.  Embrace the experience, pretend you are actually in Morocco and have an awesome time!  Besides, it's fun to tweet or instagram a picture and say you are in Morocco.  ;)

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