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Lunch at Cafe Carleton

Eating is something we do a lot of while at the Greenbrier.  So in comparison to the other meals, our lunch at Cafe Carleton was quite light.  We popped in for a quick bite before enjoying some afternoon shopping.  As usual, I love the decor.

Decor of Cafe Carleton in the Greenbrier

As you can see, there is a food counter with several options on display.  They also have a little menu you can look though, but the choices are all on the lighter side...which is nice.

food counter at cafe carleton in the greenbrier

My daughter and I both opted for a potato soup.  Potato soup is a childhood favorite of mine.  It is one of my go to comfort foods.  Anyway, it was delicious.

potato soup

My son also went with a soup, but he had the Greenbrier Steak Chili.  Is chili a soup?  Not sure...but he loves chili!  It was a blend of brisket, ground beef, onions and red peppers.  He devoured it!


My husband saw the Open Faced Tuna Salad in the case and couldn't resist.  It had a Kalamata olive spread on the ciabatta bread that spiced it up a little.  Plus, we love hard boiled eggs.  We all stole a little of that off his plate. :)

open faced tuna sandwich

After checking out the desserts in the case, I am shocked to say that I didn't get anything!  But the rest of my family did.

dessert selection

My daughter got a Vanilla cupcake, my husband got a peanut butter cookie and my son got a raisin scone.  He loved the scone so much, he begged for a second one.  We my son had two raisin scones. :)

Overall, it was a great lunch at Cafe Carleton.  It was the lightest meal we ate.  Probably should have had more light meals.  I'm still up a pound from this trip. ;)

So what's your favorite comfort food?  Or favorite soup?  Would you consider a raisin scone dessert?

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  1. Happy WIAW! What a tasty Lunch. YUM! :-)

  2. I just found your blog from your comment on mine! I don't want to get too deep on you but it really inspires me. I had children VERY young and when I had an eating disorder and depression there were a lot of times (and even some now) where I felt like I missed part of my life. Being able to travel, ect. Your blog inspires me that I can do all that, and it's even better that I get to take them along! I've told myself that before but seeing you do it is even more inspiring to me.
    Now on a lighter note, my bf just texted me after reading your blog and it said... mmmm I love scones. lol.

    1. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your feelings. It really means a lot to me! You definitely can take your kids along on your trips. I think they (and us) can learn so much from traveling the world. Even small trips to state parks are memories that last a lifetime. I hope you keep reading and that I can keep inspiring! :)

  3. My favorite comfort food is really anything my dad cooks! :) That means I am at home, where there is no cares in the world!!

  4. Excellent place to grab a quick lunch. One correction to the post about the Open Faced Tuna Salad. It should read "We stole a lot of that off his plate"! :-)

  5. Every time I read one of your posts about the Greenbrier, I can't help but think I really need to plan a trip for myself. I love the décor. favorite comfort food would probably be macaroni and cheese. It's something I never make at home because that's something I would eat and I can't afford to put on anymore pounds. :)

    1. You really do need to go! I love that place!

  6. Lunch looks delicious. I could try some of your son's chilli. I bet it tasted great.
    Soup is definitely my comfort food but these days, I'm also going back to sweets.
    Thanks for linking up, Sonja!

  7. I'm totally in a comfort food mood today and the Greenbrier Steak Chili looks like it would do the trick. What a great spot for lunch. I love finding places like that when I travel. Cozy and lots of good food options.


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