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The Greenbrier Hotel Room

Let me start by saying there are TONS of different types of rooms at the Greenbrier.  In previous visits, my husband and I went alone and stayed in traditional rooms.  This time we took the kids and we stayed in a Deluxe Room.  But the list of room (and cabins) goes on and on.  They even have a few places where your favorite fluffy friend can join you (your dog, that is, not an extra hairy husband).  This time we opted to leave Louie at the PetsMotel and this is the room the four of us shared.

Entrance to our hotel room at the Greenbrier

I'll start with our entrance, which I thought was really cool to have.  That is where I kept my Greenbrier box of chocolates...until my husband and daughter started eating them and then I hid the box in a drawer under my clothes.  I kid you not!  I do not share my chocolates people!

I usually take my hotel pictures right when we arrive so that the room looks its best, but with two teenagers along that turned out to be impossible.  So these pictures were taken after we packed up and everyone left to go check out.  The room looks nice, but it had not been cleaned by the cleaning staff (I quickly made the beds for the pictures).  I just felt I should say that because they did an excellent job while we were there.  That being said, here is the room as we left it for them.  :)

The beds in our Greenbrier hotel room

Seating, desk and bathroom entrance in our Greenbrier Hotel room

Entrance, entertainment area and closet door in our Greenbrier hotel room

Restroom and desk area in our Greenbrier hotel room

It was a very large room with two double beds, a walk-in closet (seen below), two comfy chairs with an ottoman, a desk with two chairs (used by my husband and son for their laptops) and a television area with a mini fridge and extra drawers for clothes.  We ordered a roll away bed for my daughter and still had plenty of room for everyone to get around.  I prefer queen size beds, but that would be the only negative I had at all.  And yes, we were watching a little bit of Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox.  I love those movies!

Our closet in the Greenbrier hotel room

The closet was so big, it actually served us as a changing room for privacy as well.  With four people traveling and two of them teenagers, that came in really handy!  Next up...the bathroom.

Bathroom vanity at the Greenbrier hotel

Toilet and shower in our Greenbrier hotel room

Bathtub in our Greenbrier hotel room

This was the most updated bathroom we have had at the Greenbrier.  I actually like both styles because I love history, but this bathroom was quite nice.  It included a marble vanity, the Greenbrier's signature line of body care products in Sweetgrass Pine scent, a lighted make-up mirror, shower and tub, along with a phone in the toilet area (this always cracks me up).  The cleaning staff did a great job cleaning, but I liked the special little touches they included when organizing our bathroom.

This was my favorite thing...they rolled up my flat iron cord perfectly and tied it with a pretty red ribbon.  They also filled up our ice bucket every afternoon and left little chocolates for us in the evening turn down service.  The chocolates came in cute little packages that said, "Where experiences are timeless and memories last forever".  I love the Greenbrier!


  1. I love little treats that hotels do like the bow on your flat iron;) So thoughtful and goes a long way!

  2. The Greenbrier looks and sounds fabulous! What kind of outdoor things are there to do? Good hiking trails? I so want to go here one day. Definitely on my list of places to visit!

    1. There are a ton of unique outdoor activities including hiking trails, skeet shooting, whitewater rafting, off roading, falconry, etc. Here is a link to check them all out.

  3. C'mon, you can't be staying here. This hotel is just way too charming. Everything looks so perfect, especially the box of chocolate. Did you treat yourself with one or more :)?

    1. Many more than one! And you are right, the Greenbrier is awesome. Stay tuned for more, you really will be amazed with this hotel. :)

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