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Drapers at the Greenbrier

Drapers restaurant is named after Dorothy Draper, the woman who decorated the Greenbrier as it currently looks.  She must have been a fun loving person as much as she loved color!  Speaking of color, these lovely ladies were waiting to be seated at Drapers and I couldn't resist getting a group shot. They were happy to oblige.

the red hat club women

They ended up sitting next to us and I enjoyed watching them all order ice cream!

Interior decor of Drapers Restaurant

Some notes about the decor: You can see into the casino from Drapers (on the left); That is a picture of Dorothy Draper on the back wall; And, once again, the lighting is fantastic!

Drapers Restaurant menu

Surprisingly, I skipped the cocktails and ordered iced tea.  It seemed the proper southern lady thing to do.  :)   We also skipped appetizers, since we were going to be eating a big dinner...but you'll later see that didn't stop us from ordering dessert!

Ham and Cheese sandwich with fries

My daughter ordered the shaved ham and swiss sandwich.  It was served on a homemade pretzel roll with honey mustard aioli.  She loved it!  I tasted it as well and thought it was really good.  Lots of meat, which I enjoy in a sandwich and the sauce was yum as well.

chicken and waffles

My son got the chicken and waffles.  That chicken was delicious!  Super crunchy!  I didn't taste the waffles, but he ate every last bite, so they must have been pretty tasty.

Dorothy's chicken salad

Next up, my husband got Dorothy's chicken salad.  This is one of Dorothy Draper's recipes that they have been serving since 1945.  Those are candied almonds on top with fruit and popovers on the side.  Once again, it was great.  Although he didn't really like the popovers...he said there wasn't much to them, that they were like air.  :)  He is more of dense bread kind of guy.

Fried green tomato sandwich

My turn!  I got the fried green tomato sandwich with sweet potato fries on the side.  YUM!  I just love how southern this sounds.  I miss the south, including the tastes of the south.  So I just had to get this.  It had chevre cheese, spinach, smoked bacon, onion and black pepper mayo on it.  We all loved our entrees and will definitely eat here again when we come back.  Now on to dessert!

Drapers ice cream parlor

How could you not get dessert when there is an in house ice cream parlor that looks like this?  These nice men were walking out when I was about to snap my pic and they offered to pose for me.  How cute is that?  People are so friendly at the Greenbrier.

peanut butter cookie

This is my husband's peanut butter cookie.  You might have noticed that he got the chicken salad with fruit and then this little cookie.  He might not order a lot, but he eats a lot.  He is the official plate cleaner in the family and he knows it.  So he orders accordingly.  I'm sure he ate more than all of us once he cleaned everyone else's plate.  :)

peach milkshake

My daughter got the Greenbrier peach milkshake.  They are known for their peaches apparently.  It was good, but I am more of a chocolate/peanut butter milkshake kind of girl.

banana split

Yes, this was as good as it looks!  My son and I actually split this banana split.  We customized it to our liking, making it the best banana split ever!  It included: vanilla ice cream with hot fudge (all for my son), chocolate ice cream with strawberry sauce (we shared), and peanut butter ice cream with marshmallow sauce (all for me).  DE-LISH-US!

banana split before and after

As you can see, we liked it! ;)  And my husband didn't even have to help clean the plate!  So I'm you have a plate cleaner in your family?

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  1. That place looks like so much fun! I love the pic of the hat-wearing ladies. :-) Everyone's food sounds just amazing, but I think I'd have been partial to the ham and cheese sandwich, especially as it was on a pretzel bun!

    1. It is hard to not love anything on a pretzel bun!

  2. Everything looks delicious. I love a good sandwich with lots of meat too. :)

  3. That place is so cute and your meal looks AWESOME! I loooove sweet potato fries :)

  4. Yum that banana split looks delicious! As does your meal :)

  5. Oh man, what amazing looking eats! Especially that banana split! Haven't had one of those in forever. That place looks so fun and magical!

  6. After all your Greenbrier posts, I so want to visit now. Love all the food here and salivating once again especially the chicken and waffles and that banana split. Again, I shouldn't read your food posts before bedtime. Your family knows how to eat.

    1. We are known for our eating habits! My husband and I have always been big eaters and the kids just joined right in. Thankfully, we all like to exercise as well. Well, I don't really like it, but I do it anyway! ;)

  7. Just been catching up on your posts. Loving the decor here,the colourful guests and, oh my goodness, the food!

  8. Hi! New here! I love this! I love the pretzel bun, something that hasn't caught on much to where I live but love it nonetheless! you cannot and will not ever go wrong with ham and cheese or chicken and waffles. I wish there was an American sotuhern restaurant here...

  9. All looks so good, Know what you mean, Chocolate & Peanut Butter shake, Add some Banana, And you've got yourself a shake.


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