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100 Years Old & Still Amazing!

Some things only improve with age. I'm not one of them! ;)  I can only dream of making it to 100, but I'm sure if I do, I won't look anything like the picture below, which looks nothing like the girl I was in high school.  Oh well!  I'm happy, healthy and loving life!  

Dinner in the Main Dining Room

But back to the things that do stand the test of time.  I'm sure 100 years ago when people dined under this chandelier, they thought it was just as amazing as I do today.  It is located in the Main Dining Room of the Greenbrier.  This year marks 100 years of people eating in the Main Dining Room.  It opened its doors in 1913!  That's just cool for a history nerd like myself.  Imagining all the people with so many different backgrounds eating at the same table as me.  Cool!

Chandelier in the Greenbrier Dining Room

While extensive menus can be fun to peruse, I really like when a menu has been pared down for me.  I know everything on it will be carefully prepared because the kitchen isn't trying to make a million different things and it is also helpful when I can't make up my mind.  As usual, I started with the drink menu. 

Main Dining Room Drink Menu

I had the Mint Julep the last time I dined here.  I'm not a fan of Maker's Mark, but felt the need to try it anyway.  This time I decided to have something that I knew I would enjoy, so I went with the Italian Sidecar: vanilla & orange infused Tuaca Liqueur, Cointreau and fresh lemon juice.

Italian Sidecar

Loved it!  Had two!

Main Dining Room Menu

Before our first course arrived, we were  presented with an amuse bouche of caramelized pear terrine.  It was yummy and I wanted more.

Amuse bouche of Caramelized pear terrine

My son's first course was the Garlic Braised Escargot and Rabbit Leg with slow cooked yellow foot chanterelles, leeks, butter lettuce, & toasted hazelnuts served with lemon-parsley webby bread.  It was fantastic!  It doesn't say that there was a sauce on it, but the juice in the bottom of the bowl was insanely delicious!

Garlic Braised Escargot and Rabbit Leg

For my first course I had the chilled Tiger Shrimp poached in citrus bouillon with celery salad and preserved lemon.  The red sauce was a mixture of tomato and horseradish...which I LOVE!  The shrimp were amazing and I could tell they were poached in the citrus.  I don't really care for celery, but the shavings of it were better than the usual way I eat it.  Overall, another winner!  My husband and daughter didn't order from the first course section of the menu.  So moving on to the second course.

tiger shrimp

My husband ordered the Spring Greens salad which featured soft herbs, toasted Marcona almonds, chipped Manchego cheese and Meyer lemon vinaigrette.  Nothing special, in my opinion.  I loved the presentation, but there just wasn't much exciting flavor.

Spring Greens salad

My second course was the hearts of romaine salad.  That is a roasted tomato, anchovies and a very unique crouton ring on the top.  The peppercorn and parmesan dressing was yummy, but I am not a fan of whole anchovies.  Icky!  My son and daughter skipped the second course, so finally, the main course (number three).

Hearts of Romaine Salad

Do you remember that game my family plays when dining out?  We try everyone's main dish and then rank them from best to worst.  There was not one bad tasting thing between the four of us and we each liked our own meal the best.  Needless to say, we were one happy family. :)   I'll start with my son's braised spring lamb shank.  It sat on a white bean ragout, grilled fennel and scallion with pickled grape tomatoes.  Lamb is not my favorite meat, but my son loves it and he was thrilled with his meal.

lamb shank

My daughter finally got some food! ;)  She ordered the minted english pea ravioli.  I was in love with the presentation of this vegetarian dish.  Check out the little carrot forest...adorable!  Besides the peas, the ravioli had house made ricotta cheese.  Delish!

Minted english pea ravioli

My husband stuck with his love of fish and ordered the Garlic and Orange basted Cobia fillet.  It was served with young beets, warm red quinoa salad,  and forked zucchini (basically mashed).  The sauces were yogurt and basil pesto.  Another great dish.  My husband loved it.  I loved the cobia dipped in the pesto.  But I still thought mine was the best.

Garlic and Orange basted Cobia fillet

My third course was the free range chicken and citrus poached lobster.  I was surprised that I ordered the chicken.  Not something I usually get in a restaurant because I can make it at home.  But this just sounded really good for some reason...and I was right.  OMG, it was amazing!  I don't know if it was because it was free range chicken or the amazing sauce or the combo of both, but it was possibly the best chicken I have ever had.  The lobster was also fantastic.  I was VERY happy with my choice.

Chicken and lobster

I forgot to take a picture of the dessert menu, but you know we had to get something.  And that something had to be chocolate!  Another beautiful presentation and a yummy ending to our fabulous meal.

chocolate dessert

Along with the bill came another sweet treat to lighten the blow.  :)  My favorite was the homemade marshmallow.  We dined in several of the Greeenbrier's restaurants and the Main Dining Room was my absolute favorite, by far!  Not everyone in my family agreed, but I'm right (as usual)! 

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  1. Those pictures make the food look fabulous and the presentation of the dessert is stunning. No wonder that place has been going for 100 years.

  2. That restaurant looks like heaven on earth! the presentation of all the food is just beautiful! And that cocktail sounds right up my alley, I'm going to have to give that a try sometime :)

  3. minted english pea ravioli and the fish fillet look amazing :)

  4. Amazing! Beautiful surrounds and food.

  5. Wow! This restaurant looks amazing! I love the old chandelier too! Gorgeous!

    1. The Greenbrier has a ton of gorgeous chandeliers! Did you read my post about all of them?

  6. Sonja, thanks for this overview of your incredible dinner at the Greenbrier. I used to be a travel agent and I was always fascinated but never got the chance to visit. Wow, it's what I would have least the Dining room is!! I'm vegetarian and I was curious if there were veggie selections. Glad to see that there are. The presentation of the food is just amazing!! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for you comments, Frances. I will have lots of posts on the Greenbrier coming up and have done several already. I hope that gives you an even better idea of what they have to offer. Amazing place!

  7. Easy to see what it's been around so long, everything does look amazing!

    I'm visiting today from Tell Me Tuesday.

  8. All four main dishes were out of this world! If you like fish, you have to get the Cobia fillet. Don't tell anyone, but it really was the best of the night.


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