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Wild West Road Trip: Menor's Ferry Historic District

What an amazing place to build a church!  Those pioneers knew what they were doing.  :)  As we drove South through the Grand Tetons, we pulled over at many places to enjoy the view better, walk around or just grab a snack.  This Church of Transfiguration was located at the Menor's Ferry Historic District that you see below on the map.  It is actually pretty hard to read, but it is located close to the Craig Thomas Visitor Center toward the very far South of the park.  I would recommend it for all you history buffs out there.  Also a good hands on history lesson for your kids.

It is called Menor's Ferry because a man named William Menor built it back in 1892.  The picture on the left is William and the other man is his brother, who later joined him.  His brother has the funnest name ever...Holliday.  You can read all about why they built it on the National Park Service website.  We walked all around the area visiting the homestead, seeing a replica of the ferry, and finally ending up at the general store.  That was my favorite part.  There was this nice older gentleman that told us some interesting stories.  I also asked him for a good place to eat in Jackson Hole.  You have to talk to the locals for the good information.  We really enjoyed our lunch at Merry Piglets (Mexican).  My family eats mexican food at least once a week, and since we hadn't had any in several days, we were ready to chow down!  It was your typical good food, nothing amazing though.  (Cute pics WAY below of the murals) 

Inside the home of William chair.

That is the nice man who worked in the general store.  There were lots of things to purchase in the store, but it was also set up like it would have been in the early 1900's.  Another great living history moment for the kids to experience.  By the way, I always point these things out to the kids.  I talk about what we are seeing and experiencing and get their thoughts on it.  I don't just expect them to learn from walking through the store and that's all.  It's funny, when I was a kid I was eager to raise my hand in class and tell about all my family trips, but my kids keep all this to themselves at school.  They both agree that I was probably pretty annoying with sharing all my information! ;)  But I know, that even if they aren't sharing, they have that hands on knowledge that helps them better understand what they are reading.  I've included a few pictures from inside Merry Piglets.  I loved the funny pig murals on the walls.  

This one reminds me of being on the beach in the Caribbean where all the women are selling things.  The lady pig with the martini and pearls looks like she could afford a new bag. :)

 Love is in the air...he is asking her to marry him.  Aren't these murals so cute?!

This one is my favorite!  I hear the music now playing in the background.  

A few questions for you...

Did you share all your stories in school or keep them to yourself?

What do you think of when looking at the pig murals?  Which one is your favorite?


  1. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Always nice to meet a new travel blogger, especially one who shares my not-so-common name! Interesting post on the Grand Tetons!

    1. I don't meet many people named Sonja, much less spelled exactly the same way! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Wow! The photo of the mountains is incredible! Gorgeous.

    I'd like to visit that National Park one day.

    Those merry piglets are too cute :)

    1. Thanks, Karla! I wish we had spent more time there. Maybe next time...

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  4. I love your trip report! I still look back on Grand Teton is one of may favorite National Parks. It is so unbelievably beautiful!I will definitely visit the Merry Piglets next time I visit.

    Tricia @

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