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Basil's Greek Dining

Basil's Greek Dining Restaurant, right on the edge of Naperville, IL in Aurora is a great place to enjoy a little taste of the Mediterranean right in your own back yard. If Chicago is your back yard! :) The day I went I was on a 1200 calorie a day diet, so I was really watching my calorie's.  Other than the super tempting Greek olive oil and amazing herbed butter with bread, it wasn't difficult, considering the menu has several options of grilled seafood, vegetables and lentils.  My entree reflected this. 

It is Bakalao Faki, lightly seasoned grilled salt water cod fish served over a bed of lentil beans.  It cost $15 at lunch and $17 at dinner and it is worth it.  It was so filling, yet so light.  The perfect low calorie food to keep you satisfied all afternoon.  The fish was salty as the name suggests and the julienned vegetables were just the right touch sauteed in olive oil, basil, red onions and garlic. Once I get down to my ideal weight, I want to go back to Basil's Greek Dining and order the Pastitsio...a terrine of pasta baked in a clay dish with aromatic ground beef meat sauce and topped with a creamy bechamel sauce.  Holy moly!
Now that summer has arrived, Basil's outdoor seating will be a relaxing way to enjoy the afternoon. It is located right next to the Westfield Fox Valley Mall which has lots of things just waiting for you to buy! ;)
Hope you make it there sometime and enjoy your experience like I did!  OPA!!!


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