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I'm available!  Not in that way (happily married for 20 years now)!  But I am available to come to your resort or restaurant or cruise or get the idea. Please feel free to send me an email at anytime: or contact me via twitter @happyhoyt or Facebook (The Happy Travel Bug).

Me and my husband in San Antonio, TX
This girl is on fire!  (to try your stuff)
I am also happy to try your product, if it relates to travel, food, dogs or teenagers.  Actually, I'd be happy to try anything, just can't guarantee I'll write about it if it doesn't relate to my blog.  I would talk about it and post photos in my other social media outlets though.  Those include twitter, facebook, pinterest, google +, and YouTube.

Me drinking tequila and not liking it
Can't guarantee I'll like it though.  ;)
Me eating a giant plate of waffles
But I am The {Happy} Travel Bug, so most of the time I will LOVE it!

My media kit is available upon request by contacting


  1. Sadly, and I have taken up the point many many times with Disney at Epcot, the pavillion is supposed to be the United Kingdom. The constituent countries of the United Kingdom are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Disney market the UK in such a way as to almost obfuscate everything that isn't to do with England and visitors come away with the impression that they visit England. Disney have apologised for the many many errors over the years and have, by their lack of response on many occasions, agree they are offending many residents of the UK. But hey. they are Disney and don't care that they are offending, potentially, millions of people.

    1. I never thought of that. I can see where that would be upsetting for residents of the other countries that aren't represented. :(

  2. I have only just launched my blog and I am looking for advise on my site and would love for you to have a look.. Its called Eat Play Stay Spain and is at todays blog is ..... Calella... Mass Tourism or another story or two to be told?... Please like the blog x


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