My adventure in St John, US Virgin Islands

I've traveled to the Caribbean lots this year.  Starting off the new year in Puerto Rico (read about that here) and then heading to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, but my St. John trip was like no other.

St. John, USVI

To start things off, I rented a jeep that I had to drive on the wrong side of the road.  And as you can see above, St. John is very hilly with lots of sharp turns.  I felt like a teenager again, really focused every time I got behind the wheel.  Plus, I was so proud of myself, which isn't a feeling I usually have after parking my car.  ;)

My red jeep for exploring St John, USVI

The next thing that made this trip unique is that we rented a house.  We used the VRBO website for our stay in Blue Agave.  I love that all the houses in St. John have names.  I didn't take a lot of pictures of the house, but you can check it out here if you want.  Staying in a house was such an enjoyable experience (except for the crazy house manager, but that's a whole other story).  Usually I stay in resorts with their own private beaches.  There are times, when staying at the larger, all encompassing places, when I hardly leave the resort.  But with my jeep and no beach within walking distance, I spent every day exploring the island.  I saw more of St. John than I have seen of any other Caribbean island and I loved it.  Waking up every morning to amazing views and ending every day with a  relaxing dip in the private pool...it was awesome!

               Blue Agave pool in St. John, USVI

Each beach that we visited was unique as well.  Some you had to walk quite a distance to get to.  Others were right next to the road.  Some were totally secluded with no amenities.  Others had kayaks, food and beach chairs for renting.   ALL were gorgeous!!

Salt Pont Bay in St. John, USVI

Salt Pond Bay was one we had to walk to.  There were no amenities, but there was an adorable dog on the sailboat that barked at anyone that swam near.  :)

                  Beach in St. John, USVI

Honeymoon Beach in St John, USVI

Kayaking at Honeymoon Beach...where you could also rent beach chairs and buy food.

Oppenheimer Beach in St John, USVI

Yes, that is me attempting to get on a tire swing at Oppenheimer Beach .  This was as far as I got!

Vietnamese Spiced Crispy Rice Flour Crepe at Waterfront Grill in St John, USVI

The food was fabulous and accommodating to my vegan lifestyle.  This Vietnamese Spiced Crispy Rice Flour Crepe was delicious at the Waterfront Grill.  As was this watermelon salad from Zozo's at the Sugar Mill. (below)

Watermelon Salad at Zozo's at the Sugar Mill in St John, USVI

I was not in full blog mode on this vacation.  I was with friends and wanted to relax and not worry about getting "all the pics".  So I don't have any other pictures of my food.  I do want to mention Asolare though.  The vietnamese summer rolls and Thai vegetable lemongrass curry were amazing.  Not to mention the view.  It was a fabulous adventure that I would do again in a second.

Dinner view from Zozo's in St. John, USVI

I'll leave you with this view from our last night...dinner at Zozo's at the Sugar Mill.  AMAZING!


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