Wild West Road Trip: The Black Hills of South Dakota

Southwest South Dakota has A LOT of things to do! After spending half the day at Mt. Rushmore, we headed toward Custer State Park.  The only way to go is directly through the Black Hills, the mountain range that Mt. Rushmore is carved into.  

It is a beautiful drive with several places to pull over.  I took this shot from one of those places.  There are a lot of winding curves though, so it is not a quick drive.  You must just relax and enjoy the scenery.  If you are in a hurry, do not head south after Mt. Rushmore. :)

Excuse the horrible reflection on the window, but this is a one car only tunnel directly through the Black Hills.  Like I said, relax and enjoy the ride.  I took some video of trying to get through the tunnel.    

As you saw in the video and in the picture below, if you pay attention, you will be rewarded with distant views of Mt. Rushmore.  It was actually neat to see it from so far away.  It seemed so strange and out of place.  I guess I get so excited because seeing it like that is so unexpected.  Plus, I just tend to be excited about the littlest of things! 

Next up is Custer State Park where there is supposed to be lots of buffalo.  So excited! Oh goodness, there I go getting excited again! :)

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