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About Me

I grew up in the South with parents that loved to travel.  Luckily, they took me along with them wherever they went.  
old family vacation photos
That's me and my Dad on/next to the totem pole!  Me seeing the ocean for the first time at age 7 or 8!  And me and my Mom on a trip to Yellowstone National Park!

Most of our travels were in a car, family road trip style.  By the time I graduated high school, I had been to almost all of the United States and most of Canada on some sort of road trip.  The most memorable of those trips was a THREE MONTH road trip in a motorhome from Arkansas to Alaska and back.  I spent the entire summer with my parents and two older couples that we were caravanning with.  No other kids along.  Before the trip, I was one angry Jr High girl that was missing the entire summer with her friends.  After the trip, I didn't want to come home!  I had always had a love of travel, but that trip ignited the travel bug in me with a passion.

Halibut fishing in Alaska with my dad
Yes, my Dad and I caught all those halibut and then my Mom cooked them up for us throughout the rest of the trip!

My husband and I are high school sweethearts.  In our six years of dating we talked about traveling the world together.  It was all big dreams at the time, but many of those dreams have come true now.  After getting married, I have completed all 50 of the United States and also traveled with my husband to many other countries.  We have instilled that love of travel into our kids by taking them along wherever we go.  I'm just continuing the tradition my parents started.

The kids inside a giant fake nose
From inside noses...
The kids in front of the cruise ship
To Alaskan Cruises....we have taken the kids on many of our adventures.

I call myself The {Happy} Travel Bug because many of my happiest memories are from traveling.  My Dad and I had a tumultuous relationship when I was a teenager, but we usually looked past all that on trips.  We shared a love of treats, be it ice cream, chocolate or just food in general.  We always knew the other was up for whatever adventure the trips might bring.  Now that he is gone, I have those great travel memories that make me very happy to relive through pictures, videos or just memories in my heart.  

me and my dad on vacation
Many of our trips were cross country road trips, including this one, where we did lots of rock hunting.  My Dad was a huge collector of all things rock!  By the way, I'm rocking those knee high socks, aren't I?! ;)

Every trip we take together (husband and kids) is a gift of happy memories that I get to bank for the rest of my life.  I'm not sure why, but we always get along so well on vacation.  I've never wanted them to end because life seems so perfect while we are away.  However, I do have this little fluff ball (Louie) to come home to now.  That makes having to return to the real world a little bit easier to take.  Here's a video of him from my YouTube channel.

So why do I blog about all my eats and travels?  Well, I was constantly talking about it to people and helping others with their own vacations, so I decided to put all my information in one place.  I gave myself a year to see if I liked it and also if you liked it.  I am now halfway into year six and I really enjoy it.  You must be as well, because my numbers are growing every month.  Now I am hoping to take this blog all the way into retirement and enjoy many more trips and great meals that I can share with you.  If you would like to work together please click here.


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