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A Weekend in Minneapolis | Minnesota

Minneapolis Sculpture Park

I've been to Minneapolis a few times over the last year and I like it more each time.  Here are a few of the things I've enjoyed while there.

Lemon Ricotta pancakes with fruit

Hell's Kitchen is a fun place for brunch.  The entire place is decorated like you're in hell.  There was a band playing while we were there that really added to the ambiance.  But the biggest draw (for me anyway) is the Bloody Mary Bar.

Bloody Mary Bar

Hell's Kitchen Bloody Mary Bar

It's a 35 foot long bloody mary buffet basically.  You pick your bloody mary mix type, the seasoning you want on your rim and then you load up as much as you want onto wooden skewers to put in your bloody mary.  It is a balancing trick for sure.

@happyhoyt with my bloody mary

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center is also a favorite.  So many great photo opportunities here.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

We were blessed with a beautiful day for walking around.  The Sculptures are so fun and interesting.  Some you can even walk thru and others make beautiful sounds.  We also enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Art Center sitting outside at Esker Grove overlooking the park.

University of Minnesota hockey

The University of Minnesota offers many fun activities as well.  With over 45,000 students there are lots of sports (such as hockey above), restaurants (like in Dinkytown) and even an art museum right on the campus.  The campus is built into the city and sits right on the Mississippi River.

Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis

Minnehaha Park is a beautiful city park to get away from the urban landscape.  There is a waterfall and hiking along with a casual place for food.  Great place to take your kids or your furry kids (aka dogs).

Mall of America

Of course we did a little shopping and eating at the Mall of America.  I was nursing a broken ankle so my husband pushed me around in a wheelchair.  They had them available for rent.  The Mall of America is the largest mall in the country.  With tons of stores, restaurants and even an amusement park, you could be entertained all day.

Those are just a few of the things we enjoyed during our weekend in Minneapolis.  There is a great metro system to and from the airport, as well as, around the city.  While we were there I posted a lot of instagram stories.  Follow me for live stories everywhere I travel.  @happyhoyt

Ever been to Minneapolis?  Tomorrow they are hosting the Super Bowl.  Justin Timberlake is doing the half time show so I wish I was going to be there. ;)   Comment below about your favorite Minneapolis activity or favorite Super Bowl halftime show.  Happy travels!


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