How to NOT Overpack

How someone packs says a lot about them.  Do you procrastinate or pack a week in advance?  Do you shove everything in a bag not thinking about how it goes together or do you try on every outfit?  Do you look up weather where you are going?  Or do you even know where you're going?!

I am one of those organized packers that starts a week in advance.  I lay out all my ideas for outfits, and yes, I try them all on, including shoes and jewelry.  I actually make a daily schedule for trips that are longer than a week and I plan what I will be wearing each day.  I HATE to overpack!  I allow myself one miscellaneous outfit, just in case.  I get excited about finding something new to help me organize my suitcase.  My husband is the exact opposite.  This picture above describes us perfectly.  After 22 years of marriage I have finally let it go and don't worry about his methods.  

I recently bought a sheet of these from a local store.  I like to fill out the top and give them to my kids to help them pack without my help.  It is a good reminder to read through before you zip up that bag for good.  I recently watched a video on YouTube about how to not overpack from Ingrid Nilsen.  I liked the way she organized her things so I decided to share it with you.  

I want to know what kind of packer you are.  Please comment below and share.  Thanks!

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  1. I'm the biggest list maker there is and my family loves me for it, but they would be happy throwing any old thing into a backpack. I pack light, but very thoroughly.


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