Drapers at the Greenbrier

Drapers restaurant is named after Dorothy Draper, the woman who decorated the Greenbrier as it currently looks.  She must have been a fun loving person as much as she loved color!  Speaking of color, these lovely ladies were waiting to be seated at Drapers and I couldn't resist getting a group shot. They were happy to oblige.

the red hat club women

They ended up sitting next to us and I enjoyed watching them all order ice cream!


The Greenbrier Decor

The decor of the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia is like no other place!  And I love that!  While it wouldn't be the way I decorate my own house, it is special because you can only find it at the Greenbrier.

lower level at the Greenbrier


Tea time at the Greenbrier

Afternoon Tea at the Greenbrier

One of my favorite Greenbrier traditions is afternoon tea.  It is served every afternoon in the Main Dining Room (to celebrate the Dining Room's 100th year in service).  This is the first time I have been able to share this experience with my kids.  My daughter was totally into it, like me, and my son cared for it about as much as my husband does.  :)   We went every day while we were staying at the Greenbrier.


It's Liebster time again!

I was so honored to get nominated for another Liebster award!  This time my nomination comes from Kim at Racing Bananas.  Since I have previously told you 11 random facts about myself, I thought I would just insert a link to that HERE and not bore you with it again.  What I did do is answer Kim's 11 questions for me.  I love learning more about the bloggers I read, so I hope you enjoy this as well.


100 Years Old & Still Amazing!

Some things only improve with age. I'm not one of them! ;)  I can only dream of making it to 100, but I'm sure if I do, I won't look anything like the picture below, which looks nothing like the girl I was in high school.  Oh well!  I'm happy, healthy and loving life!  

Dinner in the Main Dining Room

But back to the things that do stand the test of time.  I'm sure 100 years ago when people dined under this chandelier, they thought it was just as amazing as I do today.  It is located in the Main Dining Room of the Greenbrier.  This year marks 100 years of people eating in the Main Dining Room.  It opened its doors in 1913!  That's just cool for a history nerd like myself.  Imagining all the people with so many different backgrounds eating at the same table as me.  Cool!


Let the Light Shine

Every time I have stayed at the Greenbrier, I have enjoyed it's amazing chandeliers.  They are GORGEOUS!  This time I decided to take pictures of them to share with you guys.  Every time I came across one, I would snap a photo.  It wasn't until I got home that I realized just how many great lights they have.  LOTS of pictures in this post, but I hope you enjoy the Greenbrier lights as much as I do. :)

Chandelier at the Greenbrier

This one is in the Grand Ballroom and has hovered over many famous people from Grace Kelly to 26 Presidents.  If lights could talk...


The Greenbrier Hotel Room

Let me start by saying there are TONS of different types of rooms at the Greenbrier.  In previous visits, my husband and I went alone and stayed in traditional rooms.  This time we took the kids and we stayed in a Deluxe Room.  But the list of room (and cabins) goes on and on.  They even have a few places where your favorite fluffy friend can join you (your dog, that is, not an extra hairy husband).  This time we opted to leave Louie at the PetsMotel and this is the room the four of us shared.

Entrance to our hotel room at the Greenbrier


Packing for the Greenbrier

 As a frequent traveler I do lots of packing.  I am a planner and find organizing fun (yes, I'm one of those people), so I thought I would show you my packing method for our trip to the Greenbrier.  My hope is that you get at least one useful tip for your next trip.  :)

Louie on my clothes


The Forum at The Greenbrier

My son's birthday almost always falls on Spring Break.  Therefore, we have celebrated his birthday all over the world.  Pretty cool for him!  This year we were spending Spring Break at the Greenbrier in West Virginia.  Since my son's favorite food is pasta, I decided there was no better restaurant than The Forum.  It is an Italian restaurant located right inside the Greenbrier.  Perfect!

Decor inside the Forum

Just like everything else at The Greenbrier, it is very colorful inside.  :)   After checking out the menu, we decided on Frito Misto for our Appetizer.
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