Basil's Greek Dining

Basil's Greek Dining Restaurant, right on the edge of Naperville, IL in Aurora is a great place to enjoy a little taste of the Mediterranean right in your own back yard. If Chicago is your back yard! :) The day I went I was on a 1200 calorie a day diet, so I was really watching my calorie's.  Other than the super tempting Greek olive oil and amazing herbed butter with bread, it wasn't difficult, considering the menu has several options of grilled seafood, vegetables and lentils.  My entree reflected this. 


Alaskan Cruise: Ketchikan's Saxman Native Village & Lumberjack show

Ketchikan was one of my favorite stops on the Alaskan Cruise.  It really summed up an "Alaskan" experience for me. When I think about who lives in Alaska, I think about the native people who have been there for so long and I also think about the rough and tumble folks who came for adventure from the lower 48! This excursion has both! We were cruising with Holland America and they refer to this excursion as the Saxman Native Village and Lumberjack show. 


Alaskan Cruise: Russians, Eagles & Native Alaskans in Sitka

Welcome to Sitka sign

In the 1800's, Sitka, Alaska, was the cultural and political hub of Russian America.  The town reflects on that fact in most of its tourist attractions. Several of Holland America's excursions are about Russian History.  I have some Russian ancestry, so I thought it would be interesting to learn more while I had the chance.  My husband loves birds, so going to the Raptor Center appealed to him.  And always wanting to teach my children about the place we are visiting, the Sitka National Historical Park was a must see.  When we visited, these were all combined into one excursion called Russian American, Raptors and Dancers.  Today it seems to be divided up into two: Colonial Russian America and Cultural Sitka and Historic Russian America and Raptor center.

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